Aegean's First Think Tank EGİAD China Report from Think Tank

egiad think tank from the first think tank of egenin
egiad think tank from the first think tank of egenin

The first think tank established by a business organization in Izmir and Aegean Region, dedicated to the 19th anniversary of the national struggle on May 2019, 100. EGİAD Think Tank released its first report. The report presented online during the pandemic period "EGİAD The China Report was published with the title "Belt, Road and Clock Tower". The presentation of the report, which gives a detailed view of the economic relations with China from Izmir and Aegean Region, was made by Dr. It was performed by Altay Atlı. Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs İzmir Representative Ambassador Naciye Gökçen Kaya also attended the event.

EGİAD Think Tank is an Independent Think Tank

Opening speech of the meeting EGİAD Stating that the main purpose of the report is to produce information and useful content with an approach focused entirely on economy and business world, Mustafa Aslan, Chairman of the Board, said, “EGİAD As Think Tank, it is our primary goal to act as a special and qualified research center that works on national and regional problems, increases the efficiency of the decision-making processes of the relevant bodies of the state and creates strategies to ensure that the right policies are followed. Come together with these thoughts EGİAD When designing the Think Tank actually EGİADIn the past 30 years, we have seen that evolving into a think tank and work in this way. I think the biggest proof of this is the economic reports and city reports we prepared in the past years. What makes a think tank truly successful is its independence to generate free and innovative ideas. Therefore EGİAD Think Tank's independence is of paramount importance. In this context, we can make some choices in choosing the subject, but we leave the experts of the relevant field completely free about the processing and handling of the subject, the report to be issued and what to say ”.

The Research Idea on China is Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer

Noting that the idea of ​​the report evaluating the development of relations with China was voiced by Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, Aslan said, “Undoubtedly, the goals and strategies of our esteemed president regarding Izmir have a great influence on the selection of this subject. Next stage EGİAD Secretary General Prof. Dr. The most competent names in our country who can work on this subject were determined by A. Fatih Dalkılıç, and our board of directors unanimously determined Dr. Altay Horse was chosen. The report is a really comprehensive study that proposes concrete policies and offers strategies that can be a road map for Izmir ”.

We Encourage Businesses to Use the China Corridor

Ambassador Naciye Gökçen Kaya, İzmir Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, is also an important non-governmental organization in the Aegean Region, both economically and commercially. EGİADHe started his speech by thanking to. Turkey and China relations this year, the Ambassador pointed out that the celebration of the 50th anniversary, "coincides with this year's report was very significant. We see that the relations with China are getting stronger and moving to advanced levels. We care about our relations with the People's Republic of China, which is seen as an important actor of the global economy. Our cooperation in the provision of drugs and vaccines in the Covid process is admirable. However, we have a foreign trade deficit of $ 20 billion against China. In Turkey the rate of China's imports, 2.58 billion at $ remains. We want this trade volume to be increased. As the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we encourage the further use of the China-Central Asia - West Asia Corridor. Our young business people have a great responsibility in this regard. We are ready to support you. We are also working on reopening the Chinese Consulate General in Izmir ”

Titles from the Policy Recommendations in the Report

He is an expert member of the Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD) China Network and a columnist for the Hong Kong-based international news and commentary site "Asia Times". In his report, Altay Atlı emphasized that the increasing foreign trade deficit between the two countries should be compensated to a certain extent. China As for Turkey, investment, construction, transport, tourism and energy sector has expected to have wider horizons, "the deepening of our relations in the investment field, is an important process in terms of the creation of a stable and lasting cooperation. Our trade with China is not sustainable in its current form because there is a serious imbalance. We tell this to our Chinese counterparts at every opportunity, and we now have a common understanding on this issue. Turkey should receive more investment from China, "the statement said.

Dr. Altay Atli, Turkey - China bulunarak economic assessment, under conditions suitable for our country and mutually China within the framework of benefit principle Belt and Road Initiative in place to get the country's economy to transportation and technology more investments into China as may contribute to the reinforcement of infrastructure He noted that a more balanced economic relationship can be established against this country with which we have a trade deficit. Economic relations between China and Turkey and the report generation and positioning of Izmir and the Aegean Region in the context of the objective of pursuing Track Initiative, the details are summarized as follows:

◆ For the purpose of increasing exports from Izmir and Aegean Region to China, for products with high export potential, the efforts to enter the market and increase market share on product basis, by establishing a coordination mechanism for China between the Ministry of Commerce, exporters unions and exporters. It will be useful to do.

◆ A file containing a detailed feasibility study for the Çandarlı Port project and examining the economic and geopolitical benefits of the project in terms of the Belt and Road Initiative should be prepared and submitted to the Chinese side. In addition, similar studies regarding other İzmir ports will be beneficial.

◆ A report on the railway, road, urban rail systems and logistics centers in the Aegean Region should be prepared and presented to the Chinese side, which discusses the ongoing, planning stage and future planned projects and investment opportunities.

◆ The priority sectors to contribute to Turkey's development objective is to encourage the withdrawal of Izmir direct investment, which includes technology from China, and in this sense it is necessary Switching effectively of Izmir is located in technology parks.

◆ Ensuring the participation of manufacturers from Izmir and Aegean Region, especially SMEs, individually or in sectoral groups in China's major digital trade platforms is important in terms of increasing e-exports.

◆ Investment opportunities offered by İzmir and the Aegean Region, especially solar and wind energy, food and agricultural products, machinery manufacturing and chemical products, should be directly explained to the top executives of large Chinese companies in these sectors. In addition to the general incentives available in these areas, it should be evaluated what advantages can be provided specifically for China.

◆ Speeding up the initiatives to increase the frequency of flights between Turkey and China after the pandemic. kazanand direct flight opportunities between Izmir and China should be evaluated.

◆ It should be ensured that tourism companies and tour operators operating in Izmir and the Aegean Region cooperate with Chinese travel agencies, develop these collaborations and thus remain in the Chinese market.

◆ It would be beneficial to open Chinese courses in İzmir (via Confucius Institutes and / or universities) and to provide Chinese culture training in addition to Chinese in order to develop the human resource who can speak Chinese to be employed in economic and commercial relations with China, especially in the field of tourism. .

◆ Contacts should be initiated with Chinese banks operating in our country so that electronic payment systems such as WeChat Pay and AliPay can be used in Izmir and other cities of the Aegean Region and touristic centers.

◆ It is necessary to design and implement new tourism packages and products that may be attractive to Chinese tourists in Izmir and Aegean Region, and to actively promote them through different channels, especially China's social media channels. In this sense, it would be appropriate to concentrate on cultural and artistic activities and to diversify products for health, sports and congress tourism.

◆ Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport should be transformed into a “China Friendly” airport like Istanbul Airport.

◆ In order to reopen the Izmir Consulate General of the People's Republic of China, which was opened in 2015 but was reported to be suspended in 2019 due to operational reasons, necessary initiatives should be taken through diplomatic channels. China's establishment of honorary consulates in other cities of the Aegean Region should be encouraged.

◆ Izmir, local governments and local business organizations regularly and in a structured way in the Ministry of Trade and Turkey in dialogue with roofing business organizations should provide regional contribution to the work being done with respect to China, the region's preferences and priorities prepared at the national level regarding China It should ensure that it is reflected in the plans.

◆ A China Working Group should be established between business people organizations in Izmir and organizations and chambers in other cities of the Aegean Region, and this working group should meet regularly to evaluate the situation in relations with China and make suggestions based on the data in the field.

◆ New ones should be added to sister city connections between the cities of Aegean Region and Chinese cities.

◆ It should be encouraged to ensure a strong participation from this country every year to the Izmir International Fair, where China was the guest of honor in 2019.

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