Marmaray Stations Left Without Energy Due to the Storm

Marmaray stations were de-energized due to the storm
Marmaray stations were de-energized due to the storm

TCDD announced that a malfunction occurred in the Medium Voltage System (MV) due to strong winds and storms. Due to malfunction Zeytinburnu-Halkalı and the stations between Halklalı and Florya remained without energy for a while, and the trains between Bakırköy and Zeytinburnu slowed down.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) 25.01.2021/14.45/XNUMX day at stations located on the European side of the Marmaray Business hours of XNUMX:XNUMX as strong winds and storms due to station supplies power to the building and signaling and communication systems Medium Voltage System (MV) failure has announced that it occurred.

Due to malfunction Zeytinburnu-Halkalı It was reported that the stations between the stations were de-energized and the Station Electromechanical Systems (elevators, escalators, turnstiles, etc.)

Due to strong winds and storms Halkalı station at 1 due to the problem in the catenary system on Line 15.30. HalkalıIt was stated that the catenary energy of Line 1 between Florya was cut off. It was announced that the problem in the catenary system was eliminated by the intervention of the teams at 16.38 and energized.

It was noted that the malfunction in the Medium Voltage System was immediately intervened by the teams, and with the joint work of BEDAŞ and TCDD personnel, the malfunction was resolved as of 17.42. It was stated that the trains were run at a maximum of 40 km / h in this region due to the failure of the signaling system between Bakırköy-Zeytinburnu during the malfunction.

It was reported that the internal loop voyages that were run on the Maltepe-Zeytinburnu track due to the malfunction were operated as Maltepe-Yenikapı.


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