Germany-Denmark railway disconnected

Germany-Denmark railway connection was cut: hundreds of asylum seekers who wanted to go to Sweden did not get off the train. The railway connection between Germany and Denmark was interrupted at the request of the Danish police.

The rail link between Flensburg, Germany and Padborg, Denmark was cut yesterday evening. The Danish railway company DSB announced that the link between Fehmarn and Rödby was also cut off by police order. Rödby is located on the island of Lolland in Denmark.

A train carrying about 100 asylum seekers from Germany was stopped by the police in Rödby. Other arrivals in Rödby were disrupted when the arrivals did not want to get off. The number of asylum seekers on the island of Lolland since last night has reached 330.

About 100 demonstrators coming from Germany by train also reached the town of Padborg in Denmark. When the refugees wanted to continue the journey on foot, the E45 motorway was closed in both directions for a while.

Almost all refugees want to go to Sweden, refusing to stay in Denmark.

It is stated that Danish Integration Minister Inger Stöjberg wants to reach a special agreement with Sweden in order to send asylum seekers. Swedish Ministry of Justice Sözcü"The Swedish government has no legal authority to sign such an agreement," he said.

Refugees arriving in Rödby have been housed in a school since the beginning of the week. It is stated that some citizens take food and clothing to the refugees while some demonstrators attack the new arrivals with stones.

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