TCDD 7th Region Celebrated its 27th Anniversary

TCDD 7th Region Celebrated its 27th Anniversary
TCDD 7th Region Celebrated its 27th Anniversary

The anniversary of the establishment of TCDD 1th Regional Directorate, which was opened on 1993 November 7, was celebrated in the Open Area within the social distance with the participation of Railway NGO heads and Regional Directorate personnel.

İsmet Attila, one of the former Ministers of Finance, Agriculture and Rural Affairs, who contributed greatly to the establishment of the Region, attended the celebration program with a video conference and greeted the staff. The region shared its founding activities and memories of those days with the staff.

In Osman Batur, the staff of the Regional Real Estate Directorate, who worked during the establishment period of the region and witnessed those days; shared his memories of those days with the participants.

TCDD 7th Regional Director Adem Sivri, in the opening speech of the celebration program held in TCDD 7th Regional Social Facilities Country Garden, said, “In order to increase the efficiency of railway services, TCDD Regional structuring was increased from 6 to 7 in Afyon-based 8 provinces (Afyon, Kütahya). , Eskişehir, Balıkesir, Konya, Isparta, Burdur, Denizli) TCDD 1th Regional Directorate was established on 1993 November 7. ''

Regional Manager Adem Sivri continued his speech; We have completed the renovation works of our railway lines in our region, our electrification and signalization projects are continuing, we receive positive feedback from the arrangement and restoration works we have done in our stations and stations, and our landscaping works in Ali Çetinkaya Station area. We keep our railway lines comfortable and safe through continuous maintenance and improvement works. As TCDD, while continuing fast, safe and comfortable new transportation projects with the awareness of providing the highest quality service to our nation, we also take part in social and cultural projects. I would like to thank our train staff and our devoted employees who work day and night for the safe and uninterrupted operation of trains in all seasons, especially in winter. ''

At the end of the program, Regional Manager Adem Sivri thanked Osman Batur, who witnessed the foundation days, for his participation by presenting a watch with a railway symbol exhibit.

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