EBA Publications Will Continue When The Minister Of National Education Selçuk Salgın Bitse

Minister of National Education Selcuk, eba publications will continue even though the epidemic is over
Minister of National Education Selcuk, eba publications will continue even though the epidemic is over

Minister of National Education Selçuk addressed teachers and school administrators on the EBA internet portal at the opening of the Midterm Vocational Work Program.

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk stated that he made a speech including what was done to teachers, subjects to be made and wishes in every professional working period in the opening speech of the interim holiday vocational work program and said, “This situation was like this while watching life in its normal flow, but now we are going through a completely different time. Aside from all the negativities caused by the epidemic, the fact that schools and teachers are an indispensable part of life has never been more well understood in this period. " he spoke.

Stating that families and students sent countless messages to the Ministry of National Education and him to open schools, Selçuk continued as follows: “Yes, with the Kovid-19 epidemic, education suddenly stopped like a train with obstacles on its way. If we had waited for the obstacle to be lifted, we would still be waiting in the same place today. We did not do that, we proceeded by opening new roads. You gave such a shoulder to get the train moving again that we immediately took action, we got faster and thanks to you, we reach our destination without delay. Teaching is not an easy job for those who are already entitled, but teaching by distance education is much more difficult. You shoulder this hard work. "

"Our teachers took part in EBA shooting lessons even on days when everyone was in quarantine"
Minister Selçuk, who took part in the TRT EBA lecture shootings even on the days when almost everyone was in quarantine since the beginning of the epidemic, "How can I teach a better lesson?" He thanked his colleagues who are constantly striving to improve themselves.

Emphasizing that these teachers now have a very valuable and special expertise, Selçuk said, "Thanks to this expertise and the value they create, TRT EBA channels will continue to broadcast even if the epidemic is over." used the expression.

Live courses in the children a better course convert the house to tell the four corners of the classroom, home supplies many kinds of education means emphasizing that translates teachers' efforts to eliminate all Turkey's hat off Selcuk, said: "Face to face in starting class education and they both our children, protect our education approach I would like to thank all of you for protecting the reputation of education and for protecting the reputation of education and all my colleagues who winked from the camera, who gave lectures to the students in the classroom and attended the classes from their homes. You have used our distance learning tools so effectively that the EBA platform has become the most visited platform among all educational sites worldwide. I would like to thank all my colleagues who attended the live classes regularly and directed our children to EBA.

A thank you to our colleagues who volunteer in the Kovid-19 teams in our schools. You have made a great effort to ensure that the education continues safely and healthily. Thanks to you, we were able to show the public that schools are the most reliable and controlled areas for children during the epidemic process.

We have put EBA support points and mobile support tools into service so that our students who have difficulties in accessing the Internet do not be deprived of their education, receive education fairly, and we provide computers and tablets to our students who do not have computers and tablets. At the EBA support points, we still had teachers with our children, while we were delivering the tablets to the children, we also had teachers. I would like to express my gratitude to our teachers who traveled from village to village and delivered books and worksheets to their students. "

"Teachers shared their knowledge with all their colleagues"

Minister of National Education Selçuk stated that the teachers shared their knowledge with all their colleagues in this process; support EBA by sending videos, events; that they prepared contactless games; He explained that guidance teachers also provide psychological support to children, young people and parents.

Pointing out that his colleagues who received psychosocial support training after the disaster took a very active role in the field in the Izmir earthquake that deeply saddened everyone, Selçuk wished all his colleagues in Izmir in the earthquake to get well on behalf of teachers from all over the country.

"We started the biggest distance education program in our education history"

Minister Ziya Selçuk addressed the teachers with the following words: “My dear fellow travelers; You have been open to change and development for our children and our future. In this sense, your efforts to improve yourself have been the most important source of motivation for us. You have adapted to this process in a short time, you have improved both professionally and personally and increased your technological competence through online trainings. As the Ministry, we started the biggest distance education program in our education history in order to support your education. With the nationally and internationally accredited certified programs we have prepared, we have made great efforts to ensure that you receive the training you need personally, professionally and technologically.

In this process, we ensured that more of our teachers applied and received certificates than face-to-face training. We opened our distance education to the applications of 1 million 917 thousand people. We saw the reward and beautiful reflections of all these efforts in our face-to-face and on-line lessons. The entire process required a great deal of effort. The harmony between our principals and teachers, the cooperation between our teachers, common sense, perseverance and effort made the process much easier for us. Today, it provides success in education process of Turkey's outbreak is gathering the world's admiration. This is appreciated, thank you all. "

Reminding that not only teachers but also their families supported education during the epidemic process, Selçuk thanked them as well.

Celebrating Teachers' Day on November 24, Selçuk concluded his speech with the following words: “I wish you to embrace this honorable profession, which makes us feel what a wonderful feeling to labor and touch one's soul, that you never lose your determination to learn and teach, and your life energy. As soon as you feel your energy running low, tired, look at your students' faces and eyes. Get your energy and strength from them. Greetings to all my colleagues who confidently said, "This is our place, Ziya Hoca". Stay with health and love. "

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