E-Commerce Volume Peaked During Pandemic Process!

e commerce volume peaked during the pandemic process
e commerce volume peaked during the pandemic process

Along with the pandemic process, there is a change in all private service areas with the increase in online shopping and the transition to the way of working from home. Importance with the coronavirus process kazanUndoubtedly, the cargo sector is one of the leading sectors. Fast cargo delivery is even more important during the work-from-home period. kazanIn the ongoing pandemic process, the fast shipping system is no longer sufficient to meet the needs of the customers. Jetizz Cargo General Manager Çetin Otçeken stated that they are trying to respond to the cargo demands of the customers in these difficult days when the world and Turkey are going through and said, "We are trying to deliver the products of the companies within hours by using new generation technologies in cargo delivery on the same day as well as fast cargo. With the Kovid-19 pandemic, it is important to use e-commerce effectively in domestic and foreign trade. kazanwas. E-commerce volume, which was 2019 billion TL in the first six months of 55,9, reached 2020 billion TL in the first six months of 91,7.

People can now shop from all over the world, 24 hours a day, thanks to online shopping. Instead of browsing through shopping stores, they can find the most affordable product they are looking for on comparison sites in a few seconds. The restrictions applied within the framework of the coronavirus epidemic and struggle are increasing. This process shows that people take social distance rules into account and prefer online shopping with less interaction.

'' 50 percent of the population is shopping online ''

Çetin Otçeken also made evaluations about the effects of the Kovid-19 epidemic on the e-commerce sector Stating that the slowdown in each sector has reversed in the cargo sector, Otçeken said: '' Before the pandemic process, 20 percent of the population was shopping online, this figure is now 50 percent. watching in the band. In this period when working from home is intense, demand for intra-day delivery service has increased with the cargo that needs to be delivered between companies or between employees and shopping on e-commerce sites. In the supply of cleaning, health and electronic products, especially our day-to-day and fast delivery service was preferred more, and in this process, the new generation shipping understanding started to gain a place in customers. ''

E-Commerce Market Is Projected To Be 2020 Billion TL By The End Of 100

Stating that with the changing needs and expectations, the end consumer now leaves the price competition aside and prefers places where they can get fast and good service. '' Now that it is possible to reach the world with one click, the producer and the consumer expect the same speed in transportation. Turkey's e-commerce market, at the end of 2020 100 billion pounds to exceed the düşünülüly. In this process, we saw that cargo companies are one of the most important pillars for the continuation of trade. It is also important for cargo companies to keep up with the increasing e-commerce volume. Our daily deliveries increased by 50 percent with the pandemic period. We are constantly trying to improve ourselves in order to keep up with this new era. In particular, while our intraday and fast delivery service that we put into practice is more preferred, the new generation shipping concept has also started to gain a place in customers in this process. ''

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