2-Storey Underground Car Park and Square in Mersin City Center

2-Storey Underground Car Park and Square in Mersin City Center
2-Storey Underground Car Park and Square in Mersin City Center

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality is realizing big projects one by one. Metropolitan Municipality, which made the Rail System Project Prequalification Tender and started the Forum Interchange Works, has now started the multi-storey car park works next to Tevfik Sırrı Gür High School. A 350-storey car park with a capacity of 40 vehicles and 2 motorcycles will be built instead of the single-storey car park with structural problems and capacity shortages. The top of the underground car park will be the city square. Currently, the concrete area will be greened, and there will be many social areas from street basketball to show, exhibition, game and gymnastics areas.

It remained a concrete space for years

The single-storey underground car park located next to Tevfik Sırrı Gür High School within the borders of Akdeniz District has responded to the needs of private sector and public employees for years. Structural problems occurred in the parking lot over time and it was insufficient in the face of current conditions. The parking lot has been used by the Metropolitan Municipality in the upcoming period. No building could be built on the area above the parking lot due to current zoning plans and legal obligations. The area was surrounded, it was located in the middle of the city as a concrete space that was not used for a long time.

It will meet an important need in the city with its 350 vehicle capacity

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer gave the good news that they will start working in the existing parking lot. The legal processes of the project have been completed and the field work has started. Arrangement of 12 thousand 400 square meters of parking and 7 thousand 850 square meters of square will be carried out in the area. The entrance and exit of the 350-storey car park, which will serve 40 vehicles and 2 motorcycles, will be made from Silifke Street. Vehicles leaving on Silifke Street will be able to be connected to the intersection on Sakarya Street.

A connection from the parking lot to the station is also planned for the metro.

Arrangements have also been made for Mersin metro in the parking lot project. The Rail System Project Prequalification Tender of Mersin Metro, which President Seçer named as the vision project of the city in the field of transportation and which he has been working hard to implement for a long time, was held on October 9. In the parking lot, a connection can be made from the second floor underground to the metro station planned to be built next to Tevfik Sırrı Gür High School.

The concrete area of ​​the years will turn green

The above ground area of ​​the car park will be transformed into an area that looks like a city square. It can be reached by 2 elevators and 4 stairs from the parking lot. The existing concrete area will be afforested and the number of green areas in the city will be increased. The bad image in the middle of the city will disappear, the city center will be relieved. In the square, there will be street basketball, show, exhibition, open air chess, bocce game and instrumented gymnastics areas and a skateboard-skate court. The area where the children's playground and ornamental pool will be located will be able to meet the needs of both young people, families, elderly people and children.

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