Connection Road Costing 25 Million Lira Opened in Kayseri

The connection road costing million lira in Kayseri was opened to service
The connection road costing million lira in Kayseri was opened to service

Bekir Yıldız Boulevard-City Hospital Interchange-North Ring Road Connection, 25th Branch of the City Hospital Interchange, Osman Kavuncu Boulevard-Bekir Yıldız Boulevard Connection Road and Osman Kavuncu Boulevard, which were built by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and cost 4 million TL in total. The opening ceremony of the Free Zone Connection Road was held with enthusiasm within the scope of corona virus measures.

Bekir Yıldız Boulevard-City Hospital Interchange-North Ring Road Connection, 25th Branch of the City Hospital Interchange, Osman Kavuncu Boulevard-Bekir Yıldız Boulevard Connection Road and Osman Kavuncu Boulevard, which were built by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and cost 4 million TL in total. The opening ceremony of the Free Zone Connection Road was held with enthusiasm within the scope of corona virus measures. Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Memduh Büyükkılıç gave good news about good news in his speech at the opening.

The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Dr. In addition to Memduh Büyükkılıç, Deputy Governor of Kayseri Dr. Mehmet Hüseyin Nail Anlar, Develi District Governor Murat Duru, AK Party Provincial Chairman Şaban Çopuroğlu, KAYU Rector Prof. Dr. Kurtuluş Karamustafa, Melikgazi Mayor Mustafa Palancıoğlu, Kocasinan Mayor Ahmet Çolakbayrakdar, Talas Mayor Mustafa Yalçın, Hacılar Mayor Bilal Özdoğan, Develi Mayor Mehmet Cabbar, Bünyan Mayor Özkan Altun, Provincial Health Director Assoc. Dr. Ali Ramazan Benli and Chief Physician of the City Hospital Prof. Dr. İlhami Çelik and the guests attended.

After a moment of silence and the Turkish National Anthem, a short promotional film about the investments brought into service was watched. The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Dr. In his speech at the ceremony, Memduh Büyükkılıç thanked President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and stated that they were grateful, “As a doctor, I thank our President, I thank God. He gifted us the hospital with 600 beds, which is a source of pride for us, and whose all beds turn into an intensive care bed when necessary during the pandemic period. We live the blessings of this solidarity and unity from the past to the future, we do not say 'I', we say 'we'. We continue on our way, embracing our 16 district mayors. We look ahead, we look at our business, we listen to gossip. There will be minor criticisms where there is action, we have always shown the will to do better work by evaluating them, and nobody should doubt that we will continue to do so ”.


In his speech, Mayor Büyükkılıç said, “The best of people is the servant” and continued: “Since 1994, the beautiful people of Kayseri have been protecting our team, our philosophy and our understanding. We continue our work day and night to bring this understanding to life. We are in solidarity with our dear ministers, members of parliament and our government. Our Esteemed President loves us, he loves our Kayseri, we love him too, and no one should doubt that we will continue to protect them all the time. The good of people is the servant, the good of men is the one who is beneficial to people. We believe that we receive the prayers of the patients here. I'm telling you as a neurologist. The brain is resistant to oxygen deficiency for 4 minutes and sugar free for 40 minutes. Other than that, the symptoms will cost our lives. We are talking about a study that will bring to life and serve a picture where minutes matter, in a shorter time by directly entering the emergency room. Continuity in service is essential. We thank all our mayors. "


Büyükkılıç, emphasizing that Kayseri has developed and flourished with 4 universities, “It develops and becomes more beautiful with our Organized Industry and Free Zone, says 'we are here' in export, added value, trade, industry, culture, education, art, tourism, gastronomy. we are here 'he says. Kayseri, the city of ancient civilizations with its 6 thousand years of commercial history, is known as the indispensable part of this country, this world ”.


Speaking about the winter tourism meeting held in Nevşehir yesterday, Büyükkılıç said, “We had an efficient meeting with our esteemed governors in Nevşehir and our tourism stakeholders there. What is our aim? In the context of Cappadocia, to make gains for this country, to bring our values ​​like Erciyes together with Cappadocia. All hotels in Kayseri are full with pre-reservations. I submit to your information, I hope this winter tourism will be the biggest gain for us with our practices that we will do with the grace of Allah, without ignoring the pandemic conditions. We strive to correct our shortcomings and bring them to better points. I would like to thank Mehmet Özhaseki, our minister, with the beautiful works he has done there, he created a world-class work with more than 100 kilometers of tracks and 18 mechanical facilities. We also strive to eliminate the deficiencies, move them to better points with new additions, and gain our city with marketing techniques. While doing all these, we must have a transportation network ”.

He gave good news to him

President Memduh Büyükkılıç, giving good news about the good news in his speech at the ceremony, continued his words as follows: “I hope another ceremony will be held here on Saturday. The foundation of the tramway, which will start from the 7-kilometer Belsin of our Ministry of Transport and reach our Terminal, City Hospital, Nuh Naci Yazgan University and KUMSmall, the biggest shopping center of our region, will be laid. At the same time, the foundation of the terminal building of our airport will be laid. We will have two joys together on Saturday. As you know, the tender of our Recep Tayyip Erdogan National Garden has been made, the works have started, we will work to lay the foundation there with our esteemed Minister of Environment and Urbanization, and by bringing all these beauties to our city, we strive to make our city more livable, greener, greener and a city that everyone misses. Kayseri is a city of philanthropists, before we came here, we laid the foundations of our mosque and Quran course, which will be held by our benefactors with the esteemed president of our Melikgazi. We run from beauty to beauties, from abundance to abundance, we thank and love our city. "


Büyükkılıç, who said 'I am announcing from here for the first time,' in his speech, said, “On December 30, we are making the tender for our 5.5 kilometer tram from Talas to Furkan Doğan Yurdum. In other words, it is understood from here that we will create a tram network that reaches 48 kilometers ”.


Büyükkılıç also gave the following information about the 4 different roads that were opened today: “We corrected our shortcoming in order to connect our 14-kilometer Bekir Yıldız Boulevard, starting from Kocasinan Boulevard, to the main artery leading to Zafer Caddesi, that is, from the Northern Ring Road to the Free Zone. We are implementing our 4-lane departure and 3-lane arrival road. We provided a continuous, light-free alternative route. Our city is surrounded by roads in the form of a network, and when this intersection is completed, our people and ambulances can reach the City Hospital and our emergency. Another service is the Free Zone, the pride of our city, our important organization. 3/4 and 1 percent of exports are met from our free zone. Hundreds of factories serve as a production base there, contributing to employment, added value and foreign exchange to our country. In this way, we made the main road of an extroverted face of the city in international standards into life with its infrastructure of 25 meters wide and 30 kilometer long, making it worthy of our city. Another alternative way is a 1-kilometer road connecting our Bekir Yıldız Boulevard to Osman Kavuncu Boulevard, right next to our Sugar Factory. This was also important, when we came to our Sugar Factory during the beet period last year, our truckers said, 'My president, we are disrupting the traffic in the city, we are disgraced by standing at the lights, our load is troubled, what would happen if you were a helper,' we said 'no,' and Ali Hasdal a, thank you to the team, we gave the instruction, we implemented that 3-kilometer road. In our city, trucks continue on their way without interrupting traffic. In addition, the Keykubat National Garden and Keykubat Palace are easily accessible. "


Mayor Büyükkılıç, who stated that these 4 openings, which contain all these beauties, cost 25 million TL with their infrastructure and expenses, said, “We thank God, we are not complaining, we have opportunities, alhamdulillah, we have resources, we have a budget, and our prayers. We say that Allah makes us worthy of you, not let our prayers be missing from the skies, do not take our flag off the shipments, and raise generations that protect the crescent-star Turkish flag, their homeland, nation, religion and state. We continue to prepare a good future for them by trusting our youth with our works that enliven Kayseri with its museums, libraries and social life ”.

As a doctor, President Büyükkılıç, who warned once again about masks, distance and cleanliness, finally thanked YDA Group Chairman Hüseyin Arslan for their support in the construction of the multi-storey intersection.

Deputy Governor of Kayseri Dr. Mehmet Hüseyin Nail Anlar stated that Kayseri is a brand city, it is one of the most distinguished provinces with its culture, health, tourism, philanthropists, and the mayors have provided very valuable services and offered their gratitude.


City Hospital Chief Physician Prof. Dr. İlhami Çelik stated that he is proud to see that this multi-storey intersection, which was built under the leadership of Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Memduh Büyükkılıç, eased the transportation of the hospital and thanked all staff and employees.


Mayor of Kocasinan Ahmet Çolakbayrakdar, in his speech at the ceremony, said, "I thank our mayor Memduh, under his leadership, under his brother, he acts as a big brother to all our district governors in the center and in the provinces, and he also supports us in meeting the needs with his entire team, thanks to our lack of training."


Provincial Mufti Prof. Dr. Following Şahin Güven's prayer, four different ways were opened by cutting the ribbon by the protocol. At the end of the ceremony, Provincial Health Director Assoc. Ali Ramazan Benli and Provincial Mufti Güven gave the good news that two separate mosques will be built for the City Hospital.

Passage was made with classic cars decorated with Turkish Flags at the multi-storey crossroad that was put into service.

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