The First Bridge Initiative and Istanbul Bridges in Istanbul History

first bridge attempt and istanbul bridge in istanbul
first bridge attempt and istanbul bridge in istanbul

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First Bridge Initiative and Istanbul Bridges in Istanbul; The first bridge attempt in Istanbul in history was Persian King Darius I. During the Ottoman period, II. After Beyazıt's attempt failed, II. Mahmud built a wooden bridge between Unkapanı and Azapkapı in 1836 in the Golden Horn. This bridge was called Hayratiye Bridge.

Eminonu-Karakoy Bridges

The second bridge after Hayratiye is the one built by Abdülmecid in 1845. This Golden Horn bridge is the first toll bridge built between Galata and Eminönü. The toll was 5 coins for pedestrians and 20 coins for loaded cars.

The third Golden Horn bridge was built in 1863 during the reign of Abdulaziz. In 1875, the sultan, who had a new bridge built in an iron structure, died before he could open it. II. The new bridge, which was opened during the reign of Abdulhamid, was also pegged and this bridge was dismantled in 37 after working 24 years in Eminönü and 1936 years in Unkapanı.

The fourth bridge was opened during the reign of Sultan Reşat on April 27, 1912. A German firm built the bridge, which is 466 meters long and 25 meters wide, for 250.000 gold liras. There were shops and piers under the bridge.

The fifth bridge is today's iron bridge. It was opened by the then Prime Minister Süleyman Demirel on June 17, 1992, after the Reşat Bridge burned down.

Unkapanı Bridges

Hayratiye worked until 1836 after the opening of the first bridge known as Mahmudiye in 1875. In 1875, Abdulaziz's bridge was opened. This bridge was used until 1912. The third bridge was the old Galata bridge, which collapsed in 1936. In 1940, today's iron Unkapanı Bridge was built. This fourth bridge is also called Atatürk Bridge.

Ayvansaray-Halıcıoğlu Bridge

The bridge called the Golden Horn Bridge was built in 1974, after the trial in the Abdulaziz period. It is the product of Turkish-Japanese-German cooperation. It is 995 m long, 32 m wide, and 22 m high. This bridge was expanded in the 1980s and 1990s.

Bosphorus Bridges

15 July Martyrs Bridge is between Ortaköy and Beylerbeyi. It was completed between 1970-73. It is 1380 m long. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge is the second Bosphorus bridge. It is between Kavacık and Sarıyer. It was built between 1985-88. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge - the third bridge was completed between 2013-2016 and is the longest bridge connecting the continents.

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