Ekrem İmamoğluClosing Call for Istanbul from

Closing call for istanbul from ekrem imamogl
Closing call for istanbul from ekrem imamogl

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, opened the second stage of Ataköy Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant, which will serve seven districts. Speaking at the commissioning ceremony of the facility, which will treat the wastewater of seven districts in total, İmamoğlu said that 2 percent of the Covid-19 cases seen in Turkey were experienced in Istanbul. Emphasizing that it is necessary to close for 50-2 weeks in Istanbul based on the data of the World Health Organization, İmamoğlu said, “Unfortunately, the Covid-3 process has reached very serious dimensions in our country and in Istanbul. No one can come to the position of ignoring or not hearing about it! If we are announcing less data than Belgium, which has 19 million people, then the world should talk about this success, or real data should be disclosed.”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, inaugurated an advanced biological treatment plant that will collect and discharge waste water in the city and reduce carbon emissions. At the ceremony held for the opening of the 2nd stage of Ataköy Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant in Bakırköy; IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluIn addition to İSKİ General Manager Raif Mermutlu, İBB Secretary General Can Akın Cağlar, President Advisor Murat Ongun, Bakırköy Mayor Bülent Kerimoğlu, CHP Deputies Emine Gülizar Emecan and Sezgin Tanrıkulu and many İBB bureaucrats were present.

Speaking at the ceremony Ekrem İmamoğluHe said that environmental and water policies are very valuable for Istanbul. Noting that it is a Golden Horn that dolphins and fish visit again, especially with the steps taken recently, İmamoğlu said, "With the completed works of Kurbağlıdere - it will turn into a region where a wonderful piece of nature meets our Istanbul with the improvement of the environment and parks - leave it there now too. We all experienced together how the smell gives a pleasant view with the fish”.


İmamoğlu said that they will support the investments they deem right, but; He explained that they were against the investments they deemed wrong, with the following sentences:

“Of course, we will work with the right investments that İSKİ has made from the past to the present and will make it in the future and for the good functioning of that system. But we are also against an investment that is wrong or the destruction it will create with the place it is described and the wrongly designed investments. In this sense, in the treatment facility that we believe will cause great damage on the shore of the Golden Horn, which will threaten the life of the Golden Horn and which we canceled, we have actually made the right decision, with the green field investments to be made in the vicinity of the Golden Horn and the beautification of the Golden Horn. I want to share with you how well we made the decision in terms of environment. We will show it to you very soon in a more striking way. Because the financial aspect of the business is another side. "


Stating that they prioritize not to harm the culture and nature of Istanbul in the projects they carry out throughout the city, İmamoğlu said, “These investments of İSKİ, from wastewater management to drinking water management, perhaps concern all areas of İSKİ intravenously; I would like to share again with our people that we are against the processes that will eliminate and waste the environment, which are meaningless like Kanal Istanbul, and that we have fought this struggle at the highest level. We are a government that has come here to protect the interests of the people of Istanbul, to protect the nature, spirituality, life and historical assets of Istanbul. In other words, we are not a government that bows to the right or the wrong. Respecting the truth; but we are a government that stands firm against the wrong and protects the interests of our 20 million people in Istanbul and is even responsible for securing the future of Istanbul. I want this not to be forgotten. "We have recently seen how those who say yes to everything and those who submit to everything make many issues and problems of our country a big problem," he said.


Adding that the pandemic process is not a process that can be defined by mask and distance alone, İmamoğlu said, “Unfortunately, the Covid-19 process has reached very serious dimensions in our country and in Istanbul. No one should be in a position to ignore or hear about it! Every individual is also responsible, every individual has to change his life with responsibility. Managers like us have the obligation to tell the truth and not to hinder taking precautions with the right methods, ”he said.


According to the data of the Ministry of Health; Reminding that 50 percent of the number of patients are seen in Istanbul, İmamoğlu continued his speech as follows:

“We are experiencing a truly out of control process in Istanbul. I've also experienced this. We see it and everyone here is aware that this is not the same as it was in March, April or May. Because, in our immediate surroundings, the circle is getting narrower and we see that everyone is getting sick. We are in the seventh month of the epidemic. With this increasing number every day, we all experience that there is a density in hospitals and that some hospitals have difficulties in terms of the number of patient beds. The reason why I say we live this is; We, as managers, experience this while listening to all kinds of demands and problems of people around us. Down to the problems with finding a place. ”


Stating that in environments that require mobilization, such as an epidemic, everyone should take responsibility, İmamoğlu said, "We have to work together with a common mind." İmamoğlu continued as follows:

“Frankly, I have not been able to understand what it means to announce fewer numbers than European countries with a population less than Istanbul. I have not been able to understand the attitude of some officials who have contributed to the impression of "you do not speak the truth" in explaining this number. If we are in a much better situation than some countries with a population of not even more than 10 million, as a country of 83 million, the world should come to examine it, applaud us, and we should explain it to the whole world on behalf of humanity. If these explanations are not correct, I cannot figure out a benefit. If there is a solver, explain it and I will applaud. Imagine, if the number of cases or deaths in us is 11-2 times less even in Belgium with 3 million people, let's really teach the whole world on behalf of humanity and explain it. But if there is a mistake in the statements, it is not meaningful, and in this sense, I have to underline that it is not right to mislead our nation with false information. "


Stating that they have established the Science Advisory Board in order to be guided correctly in acting with reason and science since March, İmamoğlu said, “We have always taken the ideas they put forward and added them to our practices. I have to speak for Istanbul. If half of the work is in Istanbul, if we can only guarantee the process with the issues determined by the World Health Organization, then I have the obligation to share all the truths with all our citizens and officials in this sense, ”he said.


Underlining that the conditions for closing and opening of the World Health Organization are certain, and that this has become a must to practice in Istanbul, İmamoğlu continued his words as follows:

“The World Health Organization has two opening criteria. The first one for at least 14 days is this; The number of tests will increase for at least 14 days, but the number of cases will also decrease so that there is an opening. Latter; The number of deaths will decrease for at least 14 days and the illness of health personnel will decrease so that there will be opening. This is what the World Health Organization says. Especially when we look at the current data of our Istanbul, when we put these two criteria in front of us, the conditionality of a closure is definitely obvious; very clear. I have to share this with all the authorities, all the people of Istanbul from here. In order to reduce the pace of the epidemic, and to control this period radically, especially in order to reduce the pace of the epidemic, and especially to control this period in a radical way, a strong tracking system, namely filection and follow-up, especially after this process, Hereby, he proposes to us that a controlled opening period must be initiated, the Scientific Committee we established in the Metropolitan Municipality. So, I repeat. They suggest a 2-3-week closure and then a strong follow-up, a controlled opening period with a filming period to our Istanbul. For that, let's say this. Let us underline once again that our data is far ahead of April-May. If this will create an opportunity to reduce the contamination with a closure of 2-3 weeks and to ensure control especially again, if the science tells us that the closure will reveal such an improvement for Istanbul, not to resist this, especially the evaluation of the competent boards of our state, the valuable officials of the government and this Let's underline that we have to act very fast on this matter. "


Turkey is a strong country and stating that pulled down the number of cases and death by 2-3 weeks off İmamoğlu, "ie 2-3 weeks sacrifice we have to reduce the number of death and the number of patients who are climbing as a way down. Look, we are not in a period leading up to the summer of April - May. We are at the beginning of a period leading to a colder era. We are in November. Therefore, when I listen to scientists, physicians and doctors and when I get my predictions, I have to make this warning, ”he said.


İmamoğlu said that the most important tracking system when people go out during the pandemic process is İstanbulkart, which has millions of users, and therefore, although they requested patient data, they were not given this information. İmamoğlu continued as follows:

“Give us patient data and we will block İstanbulkart users through this patient data. When that patient comes on the bus and uses the bus card, the alarm will turn on, alert and we will initiate the necessary procedures about the citizen. Either we were insistently not given a single patient data. I could not understand this. I have never met any government official who found this request unjust. Madame, we're right, why don't you give us patient data. I could not understand. So, it's done; We will send the number of passengers boarding us, it will be followed after getting on. Yahu sick, what will happen if you follow the vehicles after you get into the vehicles, what will happen if you find him after getting infected, what will happen if you do not find it? We must correct such unreasonable wrong practices. "


Stating that the facts about Istanbul are not shared and the figures announced do not match with each other, Imamoglu said, "I do not understand why we do not say this truth, why we do not share it." Emphasizing that the information shared should be correct, İmamoğlu finished his words as follows:

"Today, with its notes of us health institutions in Istanbul, 'infectious diseases' he sent death we look at our numbers, I speak particularly for the last week, more than fifty of the number of death had just described to Turkey in Istanbul. That is clear. In other words, if there is a valid situation regarding the explanation of this number in this way or a false information coming to us by the health institutions to the Directorate of Cemeteries, let's go and see the truth. We will be happy. So if fewer people die than the pandemic, I would be happy. For that reason, I know it is a duty to share these truths with our citizens, and at the same time, as I stand in the office that is responsible for explaining that we have to take the necessary measures seriously based on these truths and facts, in order to reduce and normalize our lives and our lives. "


Ekrem İmamoğluİSKİ General Manager Raif Mermutlu, who spoke before , stated that they are working on the increasing water need of the city and shared information about the facility, the first phase of which was opened in 2010. Mermutlu said, “With the Ataköy 1 Facility, the wastewater of approximately 1 million 400 thousand inhabitants from the Bakırköy, Bahçelievler, Bağcılar, Başakşehir, Küçükçekmece and Sultangazi districts of Istanbul is collected and treated in this facility. However, due to the increasing population in Istanbul, it became necessary to construct the 2nd Stage of the facility. With the 2nd stage facility, our total increase capacity will increase by 240 thousand cubic meters and reach a total of 600 thousand cubic meters,” he said.

It will serve seven districts 

With the realization of the project, the facility, which will cover all districts of Bakırköy, Bahçelievler, Bağcılar, Başakşehir, Küçükçekmece, Sultangazi and Esenler, will serve 7 districts.

Within the scope of the work, the current flow rate is added to the facility with a capacity of 360.000 m3 / day; A second stage facility with a capacity of 240.000 m3 / day was built, increasing the total capacity to 2 m600.000 / day. The facility with the final capacity will serve approximately 3 million 2 thousand equivalent population, and the quality of the treatment facility has been increased with the revisions made in the existing facility.

In addition, the waste water recycled by the construction of an MBR Processed Wastewater Recycling Facility with a capacity of 20.000 m3 / day is used as landscape irrigation and domestic use water for the facility.

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