After e-Government Comes e-Business

e is coming after e state
e is coming after e state

It was learned that under the coordination of the Presidency's Digital Transformation Office, a project was developed under the name of “e-İŞ” for the digitization of private and public economic units with the participation of relevant institutions.

According to the news of Mehmet Kaya from the world; The final goal of the project was determined as a comprehensive conceptualization. In this context, efforts will be made for not only economic actors-public but also private sector to conduct business processes among themselves electronically, and to transform them into digitized transactions. An aspect of Turkey's own "industrial 4.0" approach will be required to reach a conclusion. Before this ultimate goal, various steps will be taken to digitize the administrative functioning mechanisms of the public services and business environment in the short term and to make them online, just like in e-government.


References, digitizing the beginning of Turkey's business and operations with e-government, they stressed that making online bride to a certain stage in the process. It was noted that in the new period, it was requested to reflect this experience on economic activities. Sources are actually tax, customs, etc. They reminded that many transactions can be made online in the public and legal transactions of the business world, especially in applications.

It is planned to collect these under the name of e-İŞ, to determine all kinds of digitization that can be done in terms of the processes of business and transactions, and to open new areas for digitization and online service in the light of the experiences gained so far. It has been reported that the first stage of digitization to be made may be announced soon.

In this context, sources reminding that tax, customs and some social security-general health insurance practices have been used for a long time, emphasized that new digital integration studies will be implemented in the short term.

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