Disclosure from the Firm Regarding the Illegal Search for a Turkish Ship

Disclosure from the Firm Regarding the Illegal Search for a Turkish Ship
Disclosure from the Firm Regarding the Illegal Search for a Turkish Ship

referred by a Greek commander and administration performed Eirene Operation, in charge of a German fırtakeyn, which contained various substances such as Libya, food and paint from Turkey Arkas Container Transport Inc. in July of Turkish ships stopping in the Eastern Mediterranean, international law she called for hours in contradiction.

Arkas Container Transport S.A. made a statement regarding the M / V Roseline A container cargo ship at the Libyan port of Misurata, where the military team from the German ship searched the ship for 16 hours.

The statements in the written statement made by Arkas are as follows: “On November 22, 2020, around 10:30 local time, our company owned Turkish Bayraklı M / V Roseline A container cargo ship with IMO registration number 9163984, was subjected to a radio interrogation from a frigate with flag number F44, which introduced itself as EU WARSHIP and understood to be a German ship, during its commercial voyage to the Libyan port of Misurata with its voyage numbered LTS20S220. Afterwards, some military personnel were landed on our ship from a helicopter removed from the same ship, despite the opposition of the ship captain. Military personnel carried out armed searches inside the ship and in some of the transported containers.

The same team left our ship by helicopter about 16 hours later. During the interrogations made by radio before the soldiers embarked on our ship, the situation was conveyed to both the Turkish Coast Guard Command and MRCC Ankara by the captain, and to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Turkey by the officials of our company. As of 23.11.2020, our ship resumed its normal course at 10:00 local time.

Our company has complied with the national and international rules and conventions to the finest point in all its activities up to now, and has not encountered any adverse situations. All transports it performs are for human and commercial purposes. Faced with such a practice has made our crew anxious and upset our company. Despite the soldiers coming to our ship during the incident, our crew, who had long years of open sea experience, did not show any resistance, and by acting cooperative and harmonious, a sad incident was prevented from occurring.

The issue is followed by our Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Foreign Affairs and National Defense.

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