Why Are Pediatric Dentists Important?

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antalya female

Pediatric dentists undertake a very important task for children between the ages of 0 and 13 to protect the teeth in a healthy way, to prevent trauma associated with dentists, to prevent caries or hereditary gums.

One of the duties of pediatric dentists, also known as Pedodontics, is to ensure that your children can receive treatment from the doctors they will go to for treatment like any health problem, without any trauma related to dental treatment. In this way, they will not be shy at all in a trauma process or a similar dental problem, and they will easily go to dentists in their city.

If you live in Antalya, you can work with a good Pedodontics here and start a good dental care process so that your child does not have all hereditary problems from infant to child age. Antalya children's dental With the selection of a good doctor at the point, you can protect your children's dental health in all matters and ensure that they see a quality examination.

If you are going to take it to a dentist for the first time, while training to reflect oral and dental health awareness to your child, preventive dental treatments are applied and informed by pediatric dentists, as it emphasizes why a life without caries is important.

Important Details in First Child Dental Treatment

Sometimes, when you take your child to the dentist, you inadvertently frighten them. To avoid doing this, be careful not to engage in stimulating actions such as "don't be afraid." For example, is making such sentences to your child, in your child's mind, "a place to be afraid of? leaves a permanent message. In this case, fear may begin at the first meeting with the dentist.

Try not to give gifts or rewards to your children after dental appointments. Before anything else Antalya children's dental You should not even mention that your child who will go to his doctor is going somewhere like a normal process and that there will be no negative experience at this point. In this way, no abnormality will be covered and everything will be normal.

What is done about the first dental examination is that your children are checked with the help of light and mirror, and all their questions about their teeth are answered. At the same time, if a dental treatment process needs to be started in any way, both information and treatment recommendations are presented on this subject.

In addition, while giving information about both nutritious and protective foods and various applications, mothers and fathers are also provided with information. In this way, the problems your children will encounter in case of tooth decay are explained in the language they will understand, and the most accurate information is provided to your children as parents. Remember that you should pay attention to visit pediatric dentists by paying attention to these issues in order not to be insistent in any way while providing information about many procedures, to always be compatible with your children and not to create a hereditary trauma.

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