8 Myths About the Vaccine

the wrong known about the vaccine
the wrong known about the vaccine

While Covid-19 infection is spreading rapidly, an increase in influenza and rotavirus diarrhea, which affects millions of children around the world, is expected in the fall and winter months.

Acıbadem Maslak Hospital Child Health and Diseases Specialist Doctor Lecturer Müjde ArapoğluDuring the pandemic periods, the diseases with the pandemic factor predominated. kazanStating that there was a general increase in other diseases after the outbreak, he said, “In order to prevent this increase, routine childhood vaccinations should definitely not be neglected during and after the pandemic. In our country, routine immunization against 13 childhood diseases and optionally meningitis and rotavirus vaccines are applied. When the vaccines are made in insufficient doses, they are not protective, the first series of vaccines must be completed and then repeated doses must be applied. Doctor Faculty Member Müjde Arapoğlu told 8 common misconceptions about vaccines in the society, and made important warnings and suggestions.

natural immunity kazanIsn't it better to hide? What is the need for a vaccine if we are going to get sick anyway: WRONG!

ACTUALLY: Some infections, such as chickenpox and tuberculosis, are transmitted despite vaccination. Yes, there are some vaccines whose protection cannot exceed 85 percent, but vaccination allows the patient to have a mild infection even if they have these infections, and the side effects of the diseases are much less common in vaccinated children. Even if we suffer from some diseases, full immunity kazanit is not possible. For example, sometimes there is no full recovery after hepatitis B contact, 10 percent of the patients remain as carriers.

The short-term side effects of vaccinations are dangerous: WRONG!

ACTUALLY: Vaccines can have side effects, but generally these side effects are minor. Side effects such as mild fever, malaise, redness and swelling at the injection site can be seen. Some vaccines can cause temporary headache, dizziness, weakness and loss of appetite. Rarely, children may experience neurological side effects such as allergic reactions and seizures. Even though these rare side effects cause concern, vaccines are much safer than getting a terminal illness.

Vaccines contain many impurities such as mercury, aluminum, and thiomersal. These rarely trigger autoimmune diseases, autism, and brain damage. For diseases with a low incidence, why should we experience these side effects: WRONG!

ACTUALLY: There are no clear studies that have been proven with scientific data that vaccines cause these side effects. There are no harmful forms of these substances in current vaccines. Contrary to what is known, the side effects of vaccines are quite low, whereas the rate of getting diseases that can be prevented by vaccination and experiencing the complications of these diseases is much higher.

If we apply a combination vaccine against more than one disease at the same time, the side effects of the vaccines are much more: WRONG!

ACTUALLY: Faculty Member Müjde Arapoğlu “Many vaccines can be used simultaneously. If more than one vaccine is administered on the same day, there is no evidence that the side effects will be higher. Combination vaccines are safe. "Live virus vaccines should be administered either on the same day or at intervals of four weeks."

Multiple vaccines in one go puts a lot of strain on the child's immune system: WRONG!

ACTUALLY: There is no evidence that more than one vaccination has a negative effect on the immune system. Our immune system has the power to fight many different diseases at the same time. It is expected that our immune system, which produces antibodies against harmful organisms separately, will develop antibodies against several vaccines at the same time.

We must do the flu shot before we get a cold. We do not need to get the flu vaccine after the symptoms of cough and flu start: WRONG!

ACTUALLY: The flu jab protects us against influenza, which is the heaviest flu. It is not effective against seasonal cold viruses that are passed throughout the year. Even if we have a cold, we should get the flu shot.

In the past, there were not many vaccines and people lived healthy lives for many years. Today, vaccines containing preservatives, like many foods with additives, pose a risk: WRONG!

ACTUALLY: Disease factors were different in the old years. For each period, whichever infectious disease is the current risk, the vaccine for that disease is applied. Thanks to widespread immunization, many deadly diseases have been prevented.

There are many side effects associated with vaccines, but vaccine companies prevent them from being known: WRONG!

ACTUALLY: Faculty Member Müjde Arapoğlu “Side effects of vaccines are monitored daily by independent scientific organizations (World Health Organization, Specialist Associations, European Disease Control Center, etc.) and national health authorities. There are vaccine side effect tracking systems that work very carefully all over the world. Whenever the slightest doubt arises, commissions of independent scientists are established, investigated, discussed in scientific environments and the results announced. If it is decided not to apply, the vaccine studies will be expanded and the vaccine cannot be used before it becomes safe. Today, studies for the Covid-19 vaccine are carried out in a similar way, ”he says.

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