The wreck of the boat capsized in Alanya was cleared

The wreck of the boat capsized in Alanya was cleared
The wreck of the boat capsized in Alanya was cleared

After the boat accident that occurred in Alanya on Tuesday morning, Alanya Municipality teams first supported the rescue efforts at sea and then carried out cleaning work for the wreckage.

A touristic boat capsized in Cilvarda Cape, which belongs to the historical Alanya peninsula, at around 10.45 am yesterday, due to heavy rain and storm. Teams affiliated to Alanya Municipality made the first response to the accident. The Alanya Municipality Marine team, as a priority, supported the teams of the Coast Guard and the Port Authority in removing the 5 crew and 33 passengers swimming in the sea and reaching the land in a healthy way.


After the diving and rescue team's work in the region ended, the marine team affiliated to the Environmental Protection and Control Directorate started cleaning work. The Sea Cleaning Team worked as a full team for the pollution studies caused by the boat on the sea surface in the region known as Phosphorus Cave. As a result of the works, the broken parts of the boat on the sea surface, the belongings and equipment of the boat were cleaned from the sea surface. Today, the sea was cleaned completely by cleaning the parts that hit the shore.


Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel stated that the unfortunate incident had deeply shaken everyone and stated that they were sorry for this accident that happened to the cruise boat and passengers. Mayor Yücel said that they reached the accident point immediately by the relevant teams as Alanya Municipality and provided the necessary support.

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