4th International Istanbul Bridge Conference Held Online

international istanbul bridge conference was held online
international istanbul bridge conference was held online

takes place at the General Directorate of Highways, Bridges and Turkey among the founding members of organized Civil Society in the organization of the 4th International Conference was held in Istanbul bridge the digital platform with online participation process on 16-17 November 2020 date.

The conference, which aims to bring together the bridge engineering community around the world and offer a continuous discussion platform that will develop safe, sustainable and economically viable solutions to be followed, was opened by Mujahid Arman, Deputy General Manager of Highways.

Bridges not only the two sides of the water, voicing the past and the future that connects architectural masterpieces Arman, Balanced Cantilever Bridge in Turkey, nervous Inclined Cable Stayed Bridge, Suspension Bridge, High Rijiditel the implementation of bridge construction techniques in different types like suspension bridge tremendous progress provided that He stated that, as the General Directorate of Highways, investments that will bring sound to the field of bridge design and construction have been made.

Arman stated that between 2003 and 2020, the construction of 369 bridges with a length of 3.343 km, the repair of 1.144 bridges and the restoration of 340 historical bridges were completed, adding that the number of bridges serving traffic increased by 119 percent.

Expressing that they have worked hard to add many more projects to the world's important works such as Osmangazi Bridge and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Arman gave information to the participants about the ongoing 1915 Çanakkale Bridge. Pointing out that the bridge is important for the engineering history of the world and our country with its many features, Arman said, “1915 Çanakkale Bridge will be the World's Largest Medium Span Suspension Bridge when completed with a middle span of 2.023 meters. Our bridge will have 4.608 × 2 traffic lanes, with a total passage length of 3 m, including side spans and approach viaducts; It is one of the most important investments of our country where knowledge, experience, and aesthetics come together ”.

Europe and Asia, the bridge will connect the sixth time, not only for Turkey; Stating that it is also important for the European Union countries and especially for our neighbors Bulgaria and Greece, Arman added that the bridge will be completed in 2022.

In Turkey, the bridge construction techniques developed road network with that of Deputy Director General underlined that improved the quality of, information on the different types of bridges and highways was conducted by sharing feature. Arman said:

“The 660-meter Kömürhan Bridge, which was completed in the construction works, was designed as an inverted-Y type tower; It ranks 380th in the world literature due to its single pylon and its 4 m middle span. The bridge construction is targeted to be completed in December this year. Eyiste Viaduct, which was built on 42 middle pillars varying between 166 and 8 meters in height according to the Balanced Cantilever Construction Method, will become the highway bridge with the highest leg height in our country when completed. Zarova Bridge built in Siirt, Hasankeyf-1.001, which will be one of the longest bridges on our highways with a length of 2 meters, Tohma built by push and slide method, and Artvin Yusufeli Group Bridges consisting of 4 balanced cantilever viaducts are among our other important bridge investments that we continue by our establishment.

In the online conference with many participants from different countries; Representatives of the engineering community, national and international company officials, academicians and students came together; He exchanged views by making presentations in the fields of digital bridge engineering, bridge construction techniques, structural designs, construction applications, geotechnical features, maintenance and repair.

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