First Earthquake Survivors Settled in 5 Star Hotel Building

First earthquake victims settled in star hotel building
First earthquake victims settled in star hotel building

The former 5-star hotel building, of which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Ata Holding are major shareholders, started to host families in earthquake victims. Metropolitan Municipality opened 380 rooms of the building to earthquake victims.

The 380-star hotel building, whose 5 rooms were opened to earthquake victims by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, operated by the Hilton hotel chain in the past and emptied when the contract expired, started to host their first families. Metropolitan, which opened the 23,5-star hotel building with a share of 5 percent belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality for three months, will provide three meals a day for earthquake victims in the hotel rooms.

Mustafa and Türkan Mutlu are one of the first families placed in their room today. The couple, who came by ambulance after Mustafa Mutlu was removed from the wreckage in Doğanlar Apartment, had two surgeries and could not hold back in tears due to the hospitality they saw. Saying that her grandchildren were with them during the earthquake, Türkan Mutlu said, “We were sitting on the seventh floor. The building was destroyed on us. We went down from the seventh floor to the second floor. We are the first to leave the apartment. However, my wife had two surgeries. There are eight rib fractures. It is considered that we just got out of the hospital. We are looking for a house but could not find it. They welcomed us here very well, we were relieved. Thank you very much ”he said.

Thanks to the Metropolitan

Mustafa and Gönül Kambur, who were outside of İzmir when the earthquake occurred but whose buildings were heavily damaged, became another of the families hosted today. After settling in their rooms with his two sons, Mustafa Kambur explained what they went through during this period and said, “During the earthquake, my little son was in Izmir. Fortunately he was in the gym too. The buildings in front of and behind our building are destroyed. Our building was also badly damaged. We could not enter the house. In the following days, we were allowed to go inside for five minutes with the help of a crane through the window just to retrieve our valuables, ”he said. Kambur said that they stayed in the tent city during this period. “Izmir Metropolitan Municipality offered different options for accommodation. He said that we can settle in the residences in Uzundere. However, we chose this place as a two to three month stay was enough for us. Metropolitan Municipality and Bayraklı Municipality has supported us a lot at every stage of this process. After the search and rescue efforts, he was always with us with AFAD regarding accommodation. "All our needs from bed quilts to clothes to food were met at the stands set up in the tent city," he said.

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