'Frogmen' of a City without a Sea Take on Critical Missions

The frogmen of the city without the sea take on critical missions
Photo: Ministry of Interior

Konya Police Department depends Protection Directorate within the Underwater Group Chief teams, areas of responsibility Although the five provinces in central Anatolia, thanks to its experience and successful work, fighting for the elucidation of important events occurring in areas with water in Turkey.

Konya's frogmen are ready for challenging underwater missions by training and diving regularly in all climatic conditions. Carrying out search and rescue activities in the depths of the water, the team sometimes tries to save a life and sometimes searches for a body.

Frogmen who, when necessary, look for crime tools, keep themselves fit with their training in lakes in Konya, which has no sea.

Group Chief of successful "frogmen" Hakan Özdemir stated that their areas of responsibility are Konya, Nevşehir, Aksaray, Afyonkarahisar and Kayseri.

Expressing that as frogmen they can work wherever there is water, Özdemir said, “We work in sea, lake, pond, river, river and dark waters, even in sewers. Our duty is to bring the person, corpse or crime tool out of the water without losing its evidentiary qualification, to enlighten the incident or crime. " he spoke.

No Mission Selection Luxury

Özdemir explained that they continue their sports and diving training every day in order to keep their physical competence constantly fit, as they are working under difficult conditions.

Emphasizing that wherever they are in the country, if a task is given, Özdemir said:

“The frog is, as its name suggests, an amphibious animal. In other words, it is an animal that can live both on land and in water. We work both on land and in water. As 'Police Frogmen', we have no choice of duty. As a team, we participated in the search for the Uzunçayır Dam Lake in Tunceli to find the missing university student Gülistan Doku since January 5th. We also took part in the search for our guard colleagues Oktay Avcı and Ömer Özer, who could not be heard after they sailed by boat to fish on January 11 in Tarsus district of Mersin. "

Police officer Özdemir added that they contributed to the police force by conducting underwater search activities within the scope of combating smuggling.

Günceleme: 17/11/2020 15:28

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