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With the rapid entry of mobile devices and the internet into our world, people started to spend a great time on social media platforms. People circulating on social media especially Youtube He showed great interest in the video publishing and viewing platform, which is watched and used by millions of people around the world. Youtube By purchasing a subscriber, you can become famous and join this excitement.

Youtubeis one of the social platforms that give people the opportunity to make money. Here, people who open channels for themselves and share many videos of unique quality earn unacceptable amounts. However, in 2017, in line with the criteria, no money payments were made to channels that did not meet certain conditions. This requirement is as follows:

  1. Youtube First, he put people a certain number of views. Youtube buy views If you want to turn on the monetization feature of your channel by making money, you need to have 1 hours of views in 4000 year in total. However, you can come to our site, which offers you various services, and meet this requirement within hours.
  2. Trying to prevent some unfair transactions Youtube platform has also introduced a subscription requirement to protect the rights of both itself and its advertisers. One of them is the conditions brought by the channel to open the monetization feature. Youtube buy subscribers You can also have the chance to complete this requirement within hours by coming to our website.

Channel owners who fulfill the above 2 conditions will soon witness the activation of their channel's monetization feature. However, sometimes even if this winning feature is not activated automatically, it can still be activated by manual application.

Youtube after the subscription requirement Youtube Buy 4000 watches Perhaps a new phenomenon may arise between you and our service. In particular, purchasing these services will provide you with a great opportunity at the beginning of the road. Seeing that the monetization feature of your channel has been activated in a short time, you will be with greater enthusiasm. Youtube you will hug your channel with four hands.

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