TCDD Requests Evacuation Of The Buildings Allocated To Medipol University

Requested-to-tcdd-medipol-university to evacuate-allocated-buildings
Requested-to-tcdd-medipol-university to evacuate-allocated-buildings

TCDD management requested the evacuation of the lodgings, offices and union buildings in the Ankara Train Station Campus allocated to Medipol University. BTS Ankara Branch President Özdemir said, "TCDD wants the buildings to be evacuated in a hurry because Medipol wants it."

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), Health Minister Fahrettin founder of the husband that was allocated to the Ankara University, Ankara Train Station Medipol asked for the evacuation of the building within the campus.

TCDD 2nd Regional Directorate sent a letter to the United Transportation Employees Union (BTS) and asked for the evacuation of the TCDD lodgings in the Ankara Station area, the workplaces in the offices and the union representative offices. It was stated that action will be taken if the buildings are not evacuated.


According to the news in Birgün; ” It was said about BTS, "Since the room used by your union as the representative office has been transferred to the Treasury, it must be evacuated." TCDD management also stated that a new room could not be given to the BTS, which was asked to evacuate the union representation room, due to the lack of available rooms.


“We will not vacate our union building until TCDD management shows us a new place. If necessary, they should evacuate our building by police force, ”said BTS Ankara Branch President İsmail Özdemir,“ TCDD wants the buildings to be evacuated in a hurry because Medipol wants them. TCDD had many important centers in the area allocated or requested to be evacuated. All residences and workplaces are now evacuated. "Although the starting point of the trains is Ankara Station, plans are being made to move the administrative center buildings to Etimesgut region, which is far from Ankara Station."


Stating that “the central lands belonging to TCDD have become an income commodity for the private commercial relations of the ruling relatives”, Özdemir said, “In recent years, while privatization of business administration in TCDD has started, its lands and facilities are taken from TCDD's power and given to its supporters. "Haydarpaşa Train Station was given to a foundation close to the government, the Sirkeci Station land was given to the Green Crescent and the land of 49 thousand square meters from the Ankara Station land was first given to the Ministry of Finance and TOKI and then to Medipol University."


TMMOB Chamber of Urban Planners (ŞPO) Ankara Branch Secretary Ömer Dursunüstün, who said, “These unlawful, far from science processes should be abandoned immediately” said, “The evacuation order of the TCDD General Directorate's Biga 1, Biga 2 streets and 76 flats, the fate of the registered buildings in the area is also uncertain. makes. He warned that the state railways lodgings, designed in a purist style by architect Bekir İhsan Ünal and built in 1933, were registered on April 4, 1989 ”.

Dursunüstün said, "While these buildings, which are also the symbols of the Republic and Ankara, should be under protection, today it is alarming that an order to be evacuated by the TCDD General Directorate at the request of a capital group and what kind of construction activities will be carried out in the field is alarming." It betrays our national, cultural, historical and architectural values. During the lawsuit we filed against the relevant plan amendment, it has been determined by the experts that 'the floor and construction area that Medipol can build will endanger the identity values ​​that cause the registered buildings to be registered.'


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