Demolition of the Station Bridge

Demolition of the Station Bridge: Deputy Mayor of Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Ayhan Kavas, High Speed ​​Train (YHT) due to the work of the station bridge began to demolish the explanations found.
Kavass written statement that the Republic of Turkey as of yesterday bridges State Railways (TCDD) is initiated by specifying the demolition, the demolition of the bridge due to studies reported that only one side of the closed to vehicle traffic. Kavas noted that the demolition of the station bridge was the duty and the responsibility of the General Directorate of TCDD. Alın The project of taking the underground railway passing through the city into the underground was first introduced in 2006 and the works have been carried on from that day on. The project is still not finished due to the long time passed. At this point, as a result of the project, the collapse of the Station Bridge was about 2 years ago. The station bridge belongs to TCDD as is known. In both directions, the SSK-Otogar tram line passes. From the first day when the bridge was destroyed, the Metropolitan Municipality did not object to the collapse of the bridge and stated that it would not be possible to do the demolition without an alternative route. As you will agree, the Station Bridge is the most important artery connecting the east and west of the city. It is clear that the demolition of this bridge without taking the necessary measures will be a major problem for both public transportation and vehicle traffic. Although it is possible to use different itineraries for vehicles, there is no such luck for the tram. Either the subway route will be used as an alternative, or the tram line will be stopped during the demolition and construction of the bridge. A protocol was signed between the Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD last year, and this protocol was unanimously approved by the Metropolitan Assembly at the 8 June 2012 meeting. This protocol, which was prepared jointly by the Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD General Directorate, was sent to TCDD General Directorate after being approved by the Metropolitan Municipality, but it was not approved and sent to us by the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways. In the event that this protocol was implemented at that time, the demolition of the Station Bridge would have already been realized. However, this protocol could not be implemented due to a number of reasons. Ancak
Kavas said that Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality has not taken any initiative regarding the determination of the demolition time of the bridge.
Therefore, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality had no effect in bringing the Station Bridge to a date when schools were opened. The decision regarding the demolition time was fully granted by the General Directorate of TCDD. As the Metropolitan Municipality, our only requirement, 'Stopping the tram services' issue was carried out with a new alternative route. On the other hand, I would like to point out that if our drivers prefer different routes as much as possible due to the traffic congestion that will take place on the Kizilcikli, Nayman Street and Cengiz Topel Street route, it will contribute to a slight alleviation of the traffic shortage.


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