South Marmara Highway Route Finalized! The First Pickaxe Will Be Hit in 2021

The route of south marmara highway has been finalized and the first pickaxe will be hit
Photo: Özgürkocaeli

All problems were overcome on the South Marmara Highway, which could not start due to the deficiencies in the project. Deputy İlyas Şeker announced that the route has been clarified and the first dig will be hit in 2021.


According to the report of Cemalettin Öztürk from Özgürkocaeli Newspaper; “The route of the South Marmara Motorway project, which was planned together with the Northern Marmara Motorway in 2012 but could not be started due to the difficulties, has been finalized. Southern Marmara Highway; It will be connected to the Ankara-Istanbul Highway from Kartepe Tepetarla region, passing through Samanlı mountains in the south of Karamürsel, Gölcük, Başiskele and Kartepe districts. The horizontal and vertical line of the route has also been finalized. The total length of the highway within the borders of our city will be 65 kilometers.


The South Marmara Highway route was determined in 2017 and implementation projects were drawn. However, there were problems in the connection roads to be built from Karamürsel, Gölcük, Başiskele and Kartepe districts. The Metropolitan Municipality appealed to the General Directorate of Highways about the connection roads and asked for the project to be revised. Highways also revised the project. Announcing the new development, AK Party Kocaeli Deputy İlyas Şeker said, “There were serious problems in the connection roads. The project was revised after the objection of the Metropolitan. EIA process has been completed. It has come to an end in stages, ”he said.


İlyas Şeker emphasized that the South Marmara Motorway, which has been on the agenda for many years and wondered when it will start, is not an easy project and is a difficult project due to regional reasons, “The route where the highway will be built has geographical difficulties. The project has 21 tunnels with a total length of 970 thousand 7 meters, 4 viaducts with a total length of 710 thousand 11 meters and 8 intersections with different levels on the Kocaeli passage route. It is not easy to determine all these meticulously ”.


Saying that the road was planned and the private properties remaining on the route were expropriated, but the project could not be started and the expropriation money was not paid, Şeker said, “Our citizens whose lands have been expropriated in the region. We have come to the end of the project. All deficiencies on the route have been eliminated. The drawing of application projects remained. The drawing tender will be held at the end of this year. After the tender, the project will be included in the investment program of 2021 and the digging will be shot ”.

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