Connecting two bridges

📩 30/11/2018 18:02

Two bridges are connecting: The last connection roads of the 3rd Bridge will be tendered in March 2015. With the connection roads, which are expected to cost approximately 4.5 billion TL, there will be a transit between the two continents without entering the city.

The last connection roads of the 3rd Bridge, which will provide transit between Europe and Asia, are also tendered. With the project, which is expected to cost 4.5 billion TL, direct connection to Asian and European highways will be provided. Within the scope of the tender held by the General Directorate of Highways (KGM), a new road will be built from Odayeri to Kınalı and from Kurtköy to Akyazı. The road coming from Europe and passing through the 3rd Bridge will be connected to the Bay Crossing Bridge in Gebze. In addition, a pass will be given to Ankara direction via Akyazı. In this way, an alternative transportation will be opened to the road between Hereke and Kandira. On the European side, access will be provided starting from Odayeri to Kınalı. Thus, heavy vehicles and transportation vehicles will be connected to Edirne highway without entering Mahmutbey toll booths and the city.

The tender, to be held in March 2015, will be held in closed bidding procedure. Bidders will be able to receive the tender file from KGM Business Administration Department. The bids for two tenders with a provisional bond amount of 25 million TL will be submitted to the Presidency of the Assignment Commission until 7:10.00 on the date of the tender, starting XNUMX days before the earliest. Delays in mail will not be accepted with bids submitted after the specified day and time.

The length of the Northern Marmara Motorway between Silivri-Kınalı and Sakarya-Akyazı is 260 kilometers. The total number of toll stations is 4. Suspension Bridge, which has a main span of 1.275 meters, has a total length of 1.875 meters. The European Side of the highway, namely the main road between Kınalı and Odayeri, is 30 kilometers. The total length of the two connection roads in the project is 15 kilometers. There are 136 connection roads in the Asian Side Section with a length of 7 kilometers and a total length of 56 kilometers. The length of the section with 16 viaducts is 8 thousand 25 meters. The distance of 17 tunnels is 12 kilometers. When the bridge is completed, it will surpass Höga Kusten Bridge in Sweden, the world's 11th longest bridge.

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