Kanal Istanbul Will Impose 100 Billion Dollars of New Tax Burden on Citizens' Back

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu continues to draw the attention of the public about the damages that Kanal Istanbul will cause to Istanbul with the videos he published on his social media accounts. Explaining the destruction of Kanal Istanbul, which he called the "Betrayal Project", under headings, İmamoğlu warned "We will fall into the channel we dug ourselves". Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which organized a six-question survey, will evaluate how citizens view Kanal Istanbul.

Opposing the Kanal Istanbul Project from the very beginning, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu constantly stated that he made this objection based on scientific rather than political data. İmamoğlu, who first organized the Kanal Istanbul Workshop and listened to the opinions and evaluations of scientists, institutions and organizations, and non-governmental organizations, continued to closely follow the process and inform the public.

New tax burden of $ 100 billion

not only to Istanbul via social media accounts, all of Turkey called İmamoğlu, Channel of the damage will not be limited to Istanbul Istanbul; Turkey with all the economic, political, drew attention to the negative social and environmental effects.

“Who needs Kanal Istanbul, for God's sake? Does Istanbul need it, or does it need a handful of people whose waste system is broken? asks İmamoğlu, while pleased with some of the surplus will emerge, of the 82 million citizens of the Republic of Turkey, $ 100 billion would remain under the new tax burden. Imamoglu explained the danger as follows:

“Kanal Istanbul is a crazy project for some. For example, those who do not care about unemployment and poverty; for those who have not allocated the necessary budget for earthquake preparedness for years. They will be wildly pleased to declare those who object to Kanal Istanbul as traitors in the light of science and to manage the enormous profit that will emerge. But we will pay the price for their satisfaction, 82 million citizens of the Republic of Turkey will pay. Construction and expropriation costs, which will reach astronomical figures, will put at least $ 100 billion in new tax burden on all of us. We will be caught in the middle of new international crises. We say for him, there is no other option; Either the channel or Istanbul. ”

"We will be under foreign exchange debt and interest burden"

Channel Istanbul's international financial circles and is an amazing project for domestic partners representing İmamoğlu, stressed that this project remains under Turkey's serious foreign debt and interest burden. Turkey's major achievements, including the rights of Montreux, which he has lost the will İmamoğlu underlines the contract, Turkey is waiting for the danger was summarized as follows:

“Kanal Istanbul is an incredible project for some. For example, for foreign financial circles and their local partners who lend at the world's highest interest rate. As they know that Kanal Istanbul cannot be built with internal financing, they will again impose the harshest conditions. We will pay our foreign currency debt and their crazy interest rates with our taxes, our children will pay every minute. Moreover, we will face the risk of losing the powers we have gained with the Montreux Convention because of Kanal Istanbul. To limit our rights over the straits, Turkey will become obvious to the game of forces that want to reduce the difficult situation. We will fall into the channel we dug ourselves. "

Last ties with natural life will be severed

Stating that Kanal Istanbul is a great project for those who know well about rent and speculation, İmamoğlu said about the damage the Kanal will do to nature:

“Kanal Istanbul is a great project for some. For example, the plots and plots of the Kanal route were closed; For those who know well the profits and speculation. They will be very pleased with this job. We will pay their satisfaction. 136 million square meters of agricultural and forest land of this paradise country will be destroyed. Istanbul will also sever the last ties with natural life. Its air, water and food will become more polluted. The natural structure of the Marmara Sea will be irreversibly deteriorated.

Channel Istanbul survey from IMM

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which conducted a six-question survey, will evaluate how citizens view Kanal Istanbul. “Who needs Kanal Istanbul? Is it Istanbul, or the ones whose waste system is broken? " The questionnaire, presented under the title, is answered on the IMM website.

"Channel Istanbul Booklet in 25 Questions"

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality printed the "Channel Istanbul Booklet in 25 Questions" and distributed it to Istanbulites. In the booklet, the destruction of Kanal Istanbul and the burdens it will bring is explained in detail.

The process is followed step by step

Following closely the process regarding Kanal Istanbul, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu also made legal objections in person. Reiterating his objection to the "İstanbul Province European Side Reserve Construction Area 1 / 100.000 Scale Environmental Plan Amendment", İmamoğlu said, "İstanbul Yenişehir Reserve Construction Area (Kanal İstanbul Project) 1, 2 and 3 Stage 1/5000 Scale Master Zoning Plans and He also filed a petition of objection to 1/1000 Scale Implementation Development Plans.

İmamoğlu, who evaluated the haste of the plans as miserable, expressed his reaction as follows:

"On Turkey, such a miserable state in the process related to urbanism and planning, I suppose there has not been such an outrageous situation. In a place where a planning, an innocent planning, an earthquake and an urban transformation process in Istanbul lasted for 6,7,8 years, the 5000 and 1000 plans were rushed in 6-7 months, with 4 months of pandemic. In the last period - you hang it on a hanger. And you are in such a hurry, this much in a hurry. What is this rush, this rush? What is it for? Who is it to make rich? In other words, why the rush of a betrayal that has nothing to add to this country, perhaps the biggest betrayal of Istanbul, a betrayal that cannot be described and compared with any betrayal?

Support for scientific studies

Emphasizing that the Kanal Istanbul issue should be handled in the light of scientific data, İmamoğlu personally supported the studies in this direction. By introducing the Kanal Istanbul Scientific Assessment Book and the Kanal Istanbul Workshop Report, in which 17 scientists from 29 different specialties revealed the damages that Kanal Istanbul will cause to the city with scientific data, İmamoğlu once again revealed the reasons for the objection. On this occasion, İmamoğlu also called on those who support the channel Istanbul and asked them to explain their scientific justifications.



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