Refueling from TSK's KC-135R to NATO's E-3A AWACS Aircraft

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📩 23/05/2021 00:56

Turkish Air Force refueled NATO's E-3A AWACS aircraft at an altitude of 23 feet.

In the statement made by the Ministry of National Defense, it was stated that the tanker aircraft belonging to the Air Force was refueling over Romania. In the post made on the Twitter account of the Ministry of National Defense (MSB), “Within the scope of NATO assurance measures, on August 14, 2020, NATO's E-3A AWACS aircraft was refueled by our Air Force's KC-135R tanker aircraft at an altitude of 23.000 feet over Romania, 60.000 pounds. done ”statements were given.

Turkish Air Force's Existing Tanker Aircraft Fleet and New Needs

Turkey 7 run convenience KC-135. The Boeing Model 367-80 (Dash 80) was the first jet aircraft designed specifically for air refueling, a prototype for the 707 passenger aircraft and the KC-135 jet tanker.

As it can be understood from the first production date of more than 55 years, KC-135 tanker aircraft are in need of replacement with modern tanker aircraft. Undoubtedly, the KC-46A program initiated by Boeing is the most important proof of this.

When we look at today's Turkish Air Force, the need for tanker aircraft has become clear. Various operations are carried out in Iraq, Syria, Libya and the Eastern Mediterranean. Turkey is obliged to keep the powerful military structure in such a busy environment. The training activity carried out near Libya a while ago and the tanker planes supporting this activity preserve freshness in everyone's memory. With such a deep operation execution, it brings out such needs.

KC-135 Technical Specifications

Width 39.7 meters
Height 12.7 meters
Length 41.5 meters
Maximum Takeoff Weight 146.000 kg.
Maximum Refueling Capacity 90.700 kilogram
Speed 853 km / h
Range 68.000 km with 2.414 kg fuel transfer, 17.703 km in unladen and passenger flight
Power Four 18.000-pound-thrust P&W TF-33-PW-102 turbofan engines, four 22.000-pound thrust GE F-108 turbofan engines
Capacity 4 crew, 62 soldiers
Maximum Altitude 50.000 feet

Source: Defenseturk

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