International Sustainability Certificate for İSTON Tuzla Factory

Fulfilling the infrastructure and superstructure urban equipment needs of Istanbul, ISTON has achieved another international success. İSTON Tuzla Factory has been awarded the Responsible Use of Resources Certification System by the International Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC).Silver) certified by the level.

CSC Regional System Operator, which Turkey Ready Mixed Concrete Association authorized by the Quality Assurance System as a result of inspections conducted in Tuzla factory ISTON Co., Responsible Use of Resources Silver Certification System (Silver) right to receive kazanwas.


With the Silver level certificate received for Tuzla Factory, İSTON A.Ş. has once again registered that it carries out production in accordance with international norms regarding responsible sourcing. İSTON in June, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Ekrem İmamoğluHadımköy Factory received the International Sustainability Gold Certificate at a ceremony attended by . Thus, ISTON has achieved international sustainability standards in all its concrete production facilities.


The Responsible Use of Resources Certification System, which is accepted all over the world for the concrete sector and concrete components, brings sectoral superiority to ISTON as an institution that is preferred in prestigious buildings.

The document also; It provides the advantage of choice within the scope of "Green Purchase" in Projects and Public tenders that want to get a Green Building Certificate in the private sector. In addition, this certification system allows İSTON to benefit from financial incentives for sustainable construction.

Managing its production processes according to the principles of sustainability, İSTON A.Ş. aims to contribute to the continuity of the ecosystem for future generations..

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