Science Truck Meets Science Enthusiasts During Pandemic

Konya Science Center Science Truck serves with its renewed face to increase students' love and curiosity for science.

The Science Truck, which was founded by Konya Science Center in 2015 and introduced 336.320 students to science since then, opened its doors to students again with the normalization process within the scope of the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19).

The Science Truck, which is open to the visitors with 6 exhibition equipment in 23 exhibition areas in Kılıçarslan City Square, introduces a maximum of 40 students in an area of ​​5 square meters and introduces the fun side of science. During the visits that are limited to 10 minutes, scientific activities are explained to the students in a fun language, especially by observing the masks, distance and hygiene rules to the maximum.

Those who come to the Science Truck; Our body with anatomical models, robotic coding with robots, our universe with planets, dinosaur t-rex, vandegraph generator, balance bird, hyperbolic hole, hand battery, sterling, motor, decibel meter, physics rules with hanoi towers, intelligence games, hand-eye gains knowledge of brain coordination issues.

The Science Truck, which is disinfected with an ulv cold fogging device after each session and event, is safely prepared for the next visit.

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