Autonomous Unmanned KBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle from HAVELSAN

autonomous unmanned kbrn exploration vehicle from havelsan
autonomous unmanned kbrn exploration vehicle from havelsan

Turkey's largest technology company located in one of HAVELSAN position, continues to work to develop national and local technology against CBRN threats.

Turkey's first Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Defense Command and Control System with CBRN-mentor who develop their own resources and HAVELSAN which is ready for use, depending on the developments with new threats is expanding its product family. In this context, the company is developing an Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle (ICA) in order to ensure the weak detection of the CBRN threat.

The Autonomous KBRN Discovery ICA, which will immediately arrive in the area with the CBRN threat, will take samples from the scene and carry out real-time measurements through the sensors on it. With the KBRN Discovery İKA's integrated KBRN BRIDGE Monitoring Application developed by HAVELSAN, the data obtained will be forwarded to the operation center. By obtaining the acquired knowledge to the KBRN-NEWS application, the near real time KBRN Alerts and Reports will be created.

According to the information in the fifth issue of HAVELSAN Magazine, the work of the system is planned to be completed in about a year.

Source: Defense Industry

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