Coronavirus Alarm in the Russian Army

Coronavirus alarm in the Russian army
Coronavirus alarm in the Russian army

According to the statement made by the Russian Armed Forces, the number of soldiers that have been positive for the COVID-19 test has reached 901 to date.

The statement stated that 19 soldiers who were positive for the COVID-324 test received treatment at the hospital affiliated to the Ministry of Defense, 176 in various medical centers and 6 in civil institutions. It was announced that 395 people were quarantined at home.

According to the information reported by Sputnik, COVID-779 was detected in Russia, including 192 students in military universities and 19 teachers, including teachers and trainers in military high schools.

COVID-19 in Russia

To date, a total of 68.622 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Russia and 5.568 patients have been cured by treatment.

According to the latest data published by Russia, there were 19 deaths due to COVID-615 nationwide.

Moscow Mayor Anastasia Rakova recovered from COVID-24, a disease caused by COVID-312 in Moscow in the last 19 hours, in the past 19 hours.

Rakova said, “The number of people recovering has been increasing rapidly in recent days. In the last 24 hours, 312 people recovered after receiving coronavirus therapy. In total, 3.047 people recovered from the infection. ”

It's back in a day kazanis the record number of patients diagnosed. The previous enrollment was set on April 24 with 287 recovered patients.

Armies' Fight Against COVID-19 Continues


In USS Kidd (DDG-100), it is known that more than 18 seafarers had positive virus tests, the number of cases exceeded 19 due to the COVID-550 that appeared on the Roosevelt aircraft carrier, and the first death occurred on the ship.

Güney Africa

In a statement by the South African Defense Minister, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa was planning to deploy more than 73.000 troops to help implement a nationwide coronavirus quarantine.

Although it is not clear how many staff members of the South African Army came out of COVID-19, it is likely that the army, which took an active role in fighting the virus, was affected by the virus due to 3.465 coronavirus cases and 58 deaths in the country.

Güney Kore

Of the 3,496 cases reported since the positive tests in the army announced in late February in South Korea, it is reported that 990 soldiers have successfully completed COVID-19 treatment and survived the disease.

In the news we shared with you on February 25, 2020, the statement made by the Ministry of Defense of South Korea confirmed that coronavirus was detected in 11 military personnel.


According to the latest information from the French media, 19 out of 1.760 seafarers were positive in the quarantine applied on the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier due to the COVID-1.046 pandemic.

Tests for almost two-thirds of the crew are reported to be positive.


It is known that the ship's voyage was canceled when a crew of a Dutch submarine received a positive result in a submarine test.

How are the Turkish Navy and the Turkish Armed Forces taking action against COVID-19?

The measures in the TAF are at the highest level in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak. A strategic concept is applied in the Navy Command, which spends most of its distance at sea.

In order to contribute to ensuring the security of the country, a certain number of frigates, assault boats, corvettes, submarines were sailed and their relations with the land were cut.

The measures are fully implemented and monitored at home and abroad through the Center for Combating Coronavirus (KOMMER) established at the Ministry of National Defense. The implementation levels of the measures taken in the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) are monitored, possible measures are taken against possible cases, and medical plans are developed and all these processes are managed from KOMMER.

In addition, Turkey / Izmir-based NATO Allied Land Forces Command (LANDCO) and the Turkish authorities in order to ensure a more sterile working environment due to outbreak of Covidien-19 took joint measures together with the Armed Forces.

Military vehicles, equipment and equipment in the Inventory of the Force Commands are disinfected against the COVID-19 virus. Disinfection processes are meticulously maintained in all common areas of our associations. (Source: defenceturk)

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