High Speed ​​Train Journey in Ankara Has Turned into Pain

high-speed train journey
high-speed train journey

After the tragedy of tragedy in which 9 lost its lives, high-speed trains started to depart from Eryaman, which is 22 km from Ankara Station. Employees to travel with YHT are waiting for a 'stolen' journey

According to the news of Burcu Cansu from Birgün; “After the disaster in Ankara on December 13, high-speed trains started to depart from Eryaman, 22 km away from Ankara Train Station. The passengers, who are packed with buses departing from Ankara Station, arrive at Eryaman station after a 40-minute journey. In the statement made by TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş., it was announced that this situation will continue until February 1 and the passengers with tickets will be transported by buses provided by TCDD until 13 January. After 13 January, the bus services to Eryaman will also end. Passengers will go to Eryaman with their own means as of this date.


Long queues to get on the buses waiting in front of Ankara YHT Station are formed, the next time until the bus is filled with click. Because of the 40 distance which lasts for a few minutes, there are frequent debates as people say they do not want to travel. During the hours of traffic, the journey can take one hour. All this trip has to be done with suitcases.

13 will increase further in January with the end of bus services. The lack of minibuses and bus lines, especially close to Eryaman station, makes the journey even more difficult. Passengers want at least an extended suburban expedition that ends at 19.45. Otherwise, traveling with YHT will become a total retribution. (One day)

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