Work on the National Train Project Continues at Full Speed

work at full speed in the national train project
work at full speed in the national train project

“Bursa Rail Systems Workshop” was held in the service building of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO). indicating the last 5 years they worked with close to 20 companies in Bursa Turkey Wagon Industry Co. (TÜVASAŞ) Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. İlhan Kocaarslan said that the work on the mill train project is in full swing.

TÜVASAŞ Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. İlhan Kocaarslan stated that they came to Bursa to meet suppliers and underlined that they have been working with 5 companies in Bursa in the last 20 years. TÜVASAŞ 70 years ago abroad is an institution engaged in the maintenance and repair from cars, since 1985 in Turkey Wagon Industry as Kocaarslan noted that continues to work, "an organization that makes the entire system of them all, especially carrying passengers. With the commissioning of our aluminum body factory in 2019, the total number of our factories increased to 6. Now our institution broke its shell. We aim to turn into a technological company so that we can be a company that produces its own vehicles. ”

Kocaarslan, who also gave information about the works in the national train project, said, “Our national train has now been created. A vehicle is about to land. It is all over the engine and air conditioner is installed. The dressing of the second vehicle is 60 percent. The other vehicle also comes out of the paint. Our 4th vehicle is currently in production. Our 5th vehicle continues to work. When we make it into a set, we will lower it on the rails. We want to bring domestic companies to this sector. We have established mass production lines. Everything is ok. It turns out a huge vehicle with dozens of control systems with a 40-kilometer cable. 25 meters long. We will continue to sign new projects and works by working with our business world. ”

İlhan Kocaarslan said that they have a turnover of 500 million liras as a company. “We will introduce ourselves to the world.” Kocaarslan said, “We want to become an organization that produces international standards. As a vision, we aim to ensure that it is a brand that makes world-class design and production in the railway vehicle sector carrying passengers. ”

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