Court of Accounts: Shopping Mall Signage Revenue Should Be of IMM

sayistay avm should have signage revenue
sayistay avm should have signage revenue

The shopping mall, which is written on the direction signs from the metro stations of Istanbul, the company and residence, the municipal company Metro Inc., earned 2010 thousand 2017 dollars between 453 and 800, and 2018 thousand 370 TL in 278. The Court of Auditors emphasized that the municipality company does not have the right to operate the direction signs and stated that this work and income should belong to IMM.

SözcüAccording to the news of Özlem Güvemli; “Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has transferred the authority of operating all rail system, funicular and cable car lines to the municipality company Metro Inc. with the time and price appreciated by the city council in 2011.

In line with the decision, the mentioned areas related to public transportation are operated by the municipal company and the prices stipulated are transferred to IMM.

However, under the audit of the Court of Accounts in 2018, although the direction signs belonging to various companies in some locations are not related to public transportation, Metro A.Ş. found its operation contrary to the provisions of the legislation.

In the report, it was noted that the direction signs were not able to be operated by the affiliate company, by establishing a “permanent relationship and detail”, that is, as an integral part of public transportation.

It was stated that Metro Istanbul A.Ş.has the right to provide service for collective transportation and to collect the income to be obtained in these areas, but the direction signs should be operated by IMM and the income should remain in the institution.


It was understood that wrong practices were carried out in previous years within the scope of 2018 audits.

Instead, the IMM did not perform the service to be realized by auction, but instead of those who wish to receive the said service, Metro 2010 A.Ş. It was determined to be charged by.

As of 2018, which is the auditing period, 27 thousand 370 TL revenue has been generated from 278 direction signs.


The Court of Accounts stated that the name of a shopping mall or company is written directly in these areas, and in this respect, the signs are not only a signpost but also an advertisement space.

In the report, it is stated that the signs placed for the purpose of directing passengers only for free due to the nature of the public transportation service and the signs containing the name of the shopping center or company differ from each other. All of the income received must be recorded by the Metropolitan Municipality ”.


In his reply to the Court of Accounts, IMM; He stated that some of the direction signs have a more easily recognizable direction indicator for the passenger, and the names of buildings, shopping malls or private companies with high recognition in the region are included.

Whether the name of private firms will be included on the plate was told by Metro Istanbul considering the passenger need and if it was accepted by the company, it was told that the fee was charged on the basis of the annual signboard.

It is noted that most of the paid direction signs show the station exit connected to or in front of a shopping mall. “By putting this sign on the auction, writing the name of any tenderer in the vicinity according to the result does not correspond to the usual flow of life and the purpose of the direction sign. Giving the paid signpost business to the IMM by leaving the public transportation service will result in the control of two signs (paid-free) at the same point of the station by different institutions ”.

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