71 Decreased Percentage of Persons Lost in Traffic Accidents

the number of people killed in traffic accidents decreased by a hundred percent
the number of people killed in traffic accidents decreased by a hundred percent

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, addressing the participants by participating in the "2019 Evaluation Meeting" held at Beştepe Millet Congress and Culture Center, emphasized that despite the high increase in the number of vehicles and traffic mobility, Erdogan emphasized that the number of people who lost their lives in traffic accidents decreased by 71 percent thanks to the divided roads, He stated that they took every precaution to reduce this number further.

Noting that the number of trees planted within the scope of road projects exceeded 68 million, President Erdoğan reminded that they had planted 11 million saplings with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in the past months and attended the planting ceremony in person. Turkey's trade and tourism centers, Erdogan reminded that connects the 426-kilometer Istanbul-Izmir highway as they opened the year service past the cross so that the Istanbul-Izmir 8 hours to 3,5 hours, Bursa 1 hour, Eskisehir from 2- He said he dropped to 2,5 hours. Erdogan explained that they will make the road route much different by making environmental arrangements in the viaducts.

“We launched 96 km of the approximately 90,5 km long highway connecting İzmir to Çandarlı port last October. We open the remaining part to traffic in the coming days. We also offer the remaining parts of the Kınalı-Odayeri and Kurtköy-Akyazı sections of the Northern Marmara Motorway in the coming months. We increased the number of tunnels on our highways to 298 with 381 additions and the length of the tunnel from 50 kilometers to 500 kilometers. I always say or we will continue our way by piercing these mountains. We cannot reach our maxud already without doing these. ”

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