President Erdoğan: We are launching the Kanal Istanbul Project very soon

channel will be held in Istanbul tender
channel will be held in Istanbul tender

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke at the "Evaluation Meeting of the Year 2019" in Saray. Erdogan, who gives figures on health, education, justice, fight against terrorism and investments, said that the Kanal Istanbul project will be launched soon.

President Erdogan explained that they aim to finish 2019 bridges, viaducts and crossroads with a total length of 23 kilometers in 92, and they will make it much different with their instructions. Pointing out that they have completed 40 bridges, viaducts and crossroads with a length of 171 kilometers by going beyond these targets, Erdoğan emphasized that they have added new projects to mega projects such as Marmaray, Eurasia Tunnel, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Osmangazi Bridge, Nissibi Bridge, Ovit Tunnel and Black Sea Coast Road. .

In this context, Turkey's economic and strategic power that leverages the Canal Istanbul Project Erdogan also draws attention they will start very soon, he said:

“Half a century ago, the Bosphorus Bridge is the biggest disaster that has happened to Istanbul.” Now, Kanal Istanbul is running the biggest disaster campaign. The same mentality. Nothing has changed. Moreover, none of those who oppose Kanal Istanbul have the slightest knowledge of what this project actually is. The figure they explain is not correct, the places they show are correct, nor are they living in the past. ”

In this context, Erdogan reminiscent of the accidents in the throats, made the following assessment:

“The Bosphorus has turned into a place where an average of 45 thousand ships pass every year, 500 thousand people are transported between two sides per day, and the pressure on the load and human traffic is constantly increasing. It is not possible to prevent sea traffic in the Bosphorus legally, economically and socially. The only remedy is to build an alternative waterway. Moreover, this project has not emerged suddenly. This channel is a project that we have been defending since our Metropolitan Municipality, and presented to our nation in 2011 as well.

Expressing that the geological, geotechnical, hydrological research, wave and earthquake analysis, traffic studies, project preparation, infrastructure displacement needs, environmental impact studies of the project have been completed in this process, Erdogan said, “They have not done these campaigns in the same way for Marmaray? Look, you know what the number of passengers passing through Marmaray since then is 440 million. Everything is clear, so clear. ” said.

Stating that in these studies, over 11 scientists from 34 different branches of science from 200 different universities and various public institutions are involved, Erdogan said, “75 ports, 2 marina, 1 logistics center, 1 within the scope of Kanal Istanbul, whose construction cost is calculated as 7 billion lira. bridges, 2 railway lines, 2 light rail system lines and 500 thousand-person residential areas will be located here. There will be no problems in financing and building the project. ” he spoke.

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