Mayor Seçer: Mersin Metro is not just a Transportation Project

president secer metro is not only a transportation project, but a project that will transform the city
president secer metro is not only a transportation project, but a project that will transform the city

Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer became the guest of Emine Eroğlan in the program named “From Mediterranean to Taurus” broadcast on TRT Çukurova Radio. Mayor Seçer evaluated the 9 remaining months in the program and explained the projects of the municipality. Seçer said that Metro, where they will hit the first digging in 2020, is not just a transportation project, but a big project that will transform and change the city. Seçer emphasized that they will be advertised as drivers for buses to be purchased shortly and they want to buy mainly from women.

Vahap Seçer, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, emphasized that they attach importance to women's employment as a municipality and said:

Or We give priority to women in recruitment. Previously, purchases were made with the cooperation of the Directorate of Parks and Gardens and the Directorate of Environmental Protection. We have 105 staff, all of them women. The cleaning of the streets of Mersin was noticed. Because women are cleaning. There is no torpedo, no political reference. Gerçekten I really work, I do this job diy all of our female citizens who interviewed, we received the appropriate conditions. I'm very pleased with them. Health in your hands. I love them too. That's what I want them to keep our city clean. 155 more employment. They were interviewed. Purchases will begin in the coming days. Interviews over. The names will be revealed. From Anamur to Tarsus, we will have the park gardens and environmental cleaning done in our districts. I want our bus drivers to be women. We recently recruited staff. We had 40 applications. Really failed to pass the exam, the steering wheel was eliminated, 33 bus drivers took. Woman. In other words, if the test takers do not have any legal or technical inadequacy problems, we have hired them all. Now we're going to go back to buying one. Again, the female driver is predominantly. We need 100 buses. We want to create a more comfortable, more comfortable public transportation environment for the people of Mersin. 73 of these were purchased. The tender was held on 3 January. The tender was concluded. We're gonna get 100 new drivers for the new bus. If our women are respected, the majority will be women. We care about women's co-operatives. We established the women's cooperative. They do important and valuable work. The main objective is to transform the production of women's handicrafts into economic value, especially in rural areas. This is extremely important. He's handling a few things at once. A self-confidence comes to the woman, she stands on her own two feet and contributes to the family budget. These are extremely important. ”

“Metro is a modernization project”

Mayor Seçer also gave information about the Metro project that was tendered recently and said, “Public transportation is important. Metro is not just a public transport project. In a sense, it is a project that transforms the city. It can be thought of as a social project, as a civilization project. Because the modern city means the development of the modern city in every sense. The first phase is between Mezitli-Gar between east-west. Then the second and third phase will be held. When we arrived, the previous administration had a project, but we did not see it suitable. We did some work on it. We will continue with these new projects. We are now in the tender of the first phase, 13.4 kilometers of underground rail system ”.

Map of Mersin Metro



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