ISPARK Parking Garages with MOOV by Garenta Free

moov by garenta with ispark car parks free
moov by garenta with ispark car parks free

Turkey's innovative car rental service car rental brand Garenta the minutes of the MOOV by guaranteed if, continues to facilitate customers' lives.

Car hire from MOOV by Garenta will not pay any parking fees at all ISPARK locations in Istanbul during the campaign.

MOOV by Garenta, which started to serve in September 2018, has an average of 4 rentals per day and approximately 500 million leases to date, continues to improve its services in line with the demands of its users. MOOV by Garenta, which has signed an agreement with İSPARK, provides free parking facilities to its users within the scope of the campaign created.

MOOV by Garenta users who want to benefit from İSPARK service can benefit from open or multi-storey İSPARK parking points automatically by means of vehicle recognition system and at the side of İSPARK points by saying that there is MOOV by Garenta vehicle to the officer without paying any fee. Those who rent a car from İSPARK points can start their rental without making any payment.

MOOV by Garenta, which provides service with 1.600 vehicles in a very wide region of Istanbul, offers the possibility of renting 15 km fuel and insurance in 5 minute periods and starting from 9,5 TL.

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