Channel Istanbul Increases the Threat of Thirst

channel istanbul increases the threat of thirst
channel istanbul increases the threat of thirst

At the “Climate Change and Water Symposium ği organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, possible impacts of Kanal Istanbul on water resources were discussed. The participants agreed that the Kanal Istanbul Project is a great danger for Istanbul under the threat of climate change and thirst.

Water and Infrastructure Security session was held within the scope of İklim Climate Change and Water Symposium İ organized by IMM. Speaker Prof. Dr. Naci Görür underlined that there is a great earthquake danger waiting for Istanbul and continued as follows:

Fay The fault line, which is active in the Marmara Sea, has the capacity to generate at least 7 magnitudes. This is a fact accepted by international scientists. In the event of an expected earthquake, the European side will be affected by at least 2 magnitudes. We see that there are serious shifts in the soil between Büyükçekmece and Küçükçekmece. There will be significant damage here with the earthquake. There are faults on this route which pose a great threat to Canal Istanbul. Küçükçekmece does not stand still even today. Houses are shifting. You will make the channel here tomorrow, the channel, 9 and above the severity of an earthquake will stand. No way, it's against science. ”


Sabancı University Istanbul Policy Center In his speech titled Kanal Channel Istanbul in terms of Water Management Ak, Akgün İlhan said:

“Istanbul is a city that is not self-sufficient and takes water from outside. How will the Channel Istanbul Project affect our fresh water resources? It will disable 3 percent of Terkos Lake and the entire Sazlıdere Dam. A total of 70 million cubic meters of water will be directly disabled. In other words, water the size of a dam will go. The channel will also disable Terkos, Kağıthane drinking water lines and Terkos İkitelli lines. The project will change the topography and flow regime of 13 streams, their beds, basins. Thus, 65 percent of the waters of the European side are at risk. "

İlhan said, yeni The new settlements around the canal will bring new water needs. Istanbul will be an island city. Outward dependence on water will increase. This project should not be shelved, but should be buried in the dusty pages of history. ”   


Halit Alphan, Head of Plan and Project Department of ISKI, shared the remarkable information in his speech evaluating the Channel Istanbul project in terms of ISKI facilities.

An Many facilities remaining on the route of Kanal Istanbul will be canceled. Instead, new construction will be needed. In addition, ISKI immovables will have to be expropriated. When all these are calculated, the cost of Kanal İstanbul Project to İSKİ is estimated to be 19,2 billion TL ”.

“Don't leave Istanbul without water US

Selami Oğuz stated that he worked as an engineer at İSKİ in 1994 and said that the Channel Istanbul Project would be to divide the city in two by guillotine.

Oğuz said, “Drinking water, waste water, highway, railway and natural gas systems, that is, everything is divided into two. The authority that wants to make Kanal Istanbul has to renew the alternative of this infrastructure. You cannot bring down the lives of those who live in Istanbul. Without these infrastructures, life starts in the city if you start in Kanal Istanbul. You cannot displace ISKI, natural gas and other infrastructures together with channel construction at the same time ”.

Stating that there is a large amount of mud under Küçükçekmece Lake, Oğuz said, “In order to construct Kanal Istanbul, this mud must be removed from under the lake. How will this mud come out? Where will it be stored, what problems will occur while removing it? Have they been calculated? " used the expressions.

At the end of his speech, Oguz said, kim No one has the right to revive the thirst of Istanbul like in the 90s ”.

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