New TransAsia Express Train between Iran and Turkey

New TransAsia Express Train between Iran and Turkey
New TransAsia Express Train between Iran and Turkey

Turkey and Iran are unlikely to be a predictable combination for a train journey as they are the biggest countries in western and eastern Asia. However, nothing is impossible with the Transasia Express train.

The Transasia Express is a unique route that connects two capitals and two countries, Turkey and Iran. It is the cooperation of the Turkish and the Iranian railways aimed at providing the best service for tourists from all over the world. The train plies once per week, from Ankara to Tehran and every Wednesday. The overall journey lasts approximately 57 hours and covers more than 2000 kilometers. The Transasia Express train journey is an unusual experience as the route lies across the largest lake of Turkey called Van. During the trip, you will be able to admire the pure beauty of nature, get acquainted with two different cultures that share some aspects in common, meet curious travelers and friendly locals, broaden your mind and get vivid emotions.

It is interesting to know that this route consists of three journeys. First, travelers board a train run by the Turkish side and the train reaches Tatvan, where a port is located. A ferry transports travelers from one end of the lake to the other. Van is a city on the other side of the lake. Here, passengers take an Iranian train to Tehran. Night train stops at the border between Turkey and Iran and passengers pass through passport control.

It is interesting to know that this journey consists of three ones. First, travelers take a train operated by the Turkish side and reach Tatvan where there is a port named for its city. A ferry takes travelers from one coast of the lake to another one. Van is a city on the other side of the lake. Here passengers get on an Iranian train that goes directly to Tehran. At night the train makes a stop on the border between Turkey and Iran so travelers are requested to pass passport control.

Onboard of the Transasia Express, you will see the reddish color of the longest river of Turkey called Kızılırmak, pass one of the largest lakes of Turkey Keban Dam, cross Van lake on a ferry, watch the sunrise over Urmia lake on the Iranian territory yet, and even more. You may enjoy a cup of Turkish tea in a dining car, chat with other tourists or locals in a compartment, read in silence or dream watching picturesque views of a window. Therefore, you will never get bored while traveling with the Transasia Express. Create a fully remarkable experience this time with the Transasia Express. Are you eager to learn more information about this amazing train trip or you are ready to pack your luggage? Read more about the Transasia Express and how to join it here ( ). It is time to get ready for a great adventure in a new year!

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