Scenes Seen During the Transasya Express Travel

Sights seen during the transasian express travel
Sights seen during the transasian express travel

Turkey and Iran to be in the top 10 most visited countries in the Middle East is not a surprise. Why is that? The biggest reason is the magnificent views of the two countries. Everyone Lout Desert Cappadocia and Pamukkale in Turkey and in Iran or heard the Kashmir Island. Indeed, mother nature gave these two countries beautiful landscapes and landmarks. This is the main reason many around the world of Turkey and not the passenger.

But now we want to tell you about other unique examples of nature that can be seen with Transasya Express. Combining two train journeys and a ferry ride, this long journey takes all passengers one step closer to the breathtaking atmosphere of the Middle East and West Asia. The journey connects the two capitals, Ankara and Tehran.

First of all, TransAsia ride, untouched nature and both Turkey and is an excellent way to discover the small villages and towns in Iran. Also, with a charming red color and will cross the river Kizilirmak, the longest in the territory of Turkey. You will have the opportunity to see the 2 km long Euphrates bridge built on Keban Dam.

Keb Dam is Turkey's fourth largest dam lake and the scenery is truly amazing. Travelers traveling on the Transasya train travel between Van and Tatvan by ferry. The ferry trip takes about 4 hours and runs across Lake Van, the largest Turkish lake. This lake is famous not only for its size, but also for its small islands. One of these islands is Akdamar, where an Armenian church was built in the 11th century and is still open to tourists. Another beauty of nature that can be seen for you is Urmia lake. This is a unique salt lake in the west of Iran, where the Transasia train near Tabriz also stops.

In TransAsia Express, you may have heard that you yourself keşved completely different Turkey and Iran. (

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