First Women's Parkomats started to work in Eskişehir

first female parkomats started in Eskisehir
first female parkomats started in Eskisehir

In the beginning of December, the first woman parkomats started to work in Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, which announced that they would employ female parkomat officers with the announcement announced in their social media accounts. Ayşe Ünlüce, the General Secretary of the Metropolitan Municipality who visited the women who started to work in Mahmut Pehlivan Street in the first days of Kızılcıklı, underlined that they will continue to increase women's employment in the municipality.

Social media announcements with the announcement that the female bus driver and female parkomat officer will employ parkomats began to work. Following the resume evaluations and interviews among the applicants, Secretary General Ayşe Ünlüce did not leave the women who received various training in their first days. Ayşe Ünlüce stated that 4 parkomat officers started to work in the first place and underlined that they gave great importance to women's employment as Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality. Famously “While our country's economic crisis makes itself felt more and more every day, it is very important for us that women can stand on their own feet. Since we see that our women patriots work with great devotion within Estram, we thought that we could benefit from the female labor force in our buses and street parking lots. That's why we recently gathered the applications that address the requirements of social media to women in a pool. After the evaluations, 4 female friends started their duties in the street car parks today. When women are allowed, I believe they have the strength and determination to do every job. Our President Mr. Yılmaz Büyükerşen really trusts women in every field. In our municipality, almost half of our senior bureaucrats are women. We would like to extend this women's employment to other departments. I would like to congratulate our friends who have taken office and want them to know that we are very confident. ”

Dilek Çetinkaya, a parkomat officer who expressed his great pleasure in starting to work in Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, said, dim I was unemployed for a long time and I made my application immediately when the announcement of our Metropolitan Municipality came before me. We have received various trainings and today is our first job. I am very happy to work in an institution like the Metropolitan Municipality and to serve this city. I believe that every job that touches a woman's hand will get better. I would like to thank our President Yılmaz Büyükerşen and all the officials who gave us this opportunity. ”

Unemployment is one of the country's biggest problems stating that the parkomat officer Duygu Coşaroğlu believes that there is no job they can not achieve when women are allowed.

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