Minibuses in Trabzon Return to Taxi

dolmush freezes in taxi
dolmush freezes in taxi

Evaluations of Trabzon's problems on the agenda of the meeting was full of modernization. Ömer Hakan Usta, the President of the Chamber of Drivers and Automobiles, expressed his gratitude to the President of Zorluoğlu, stating that they believe that the people of Trabzon and the shopkeepers will be pleased with the transformation.


Ömer Hakan Usta, the President of the Chamber of Drivers and Automobiles, said that they were pleased with the modernization process of the minibus. “Some troubles arose in the process of transformation in Trabzon before. Therefore, an atmosphere of insecurity was formed. However, after the consultations of our Metropolitan Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu with us, this climate of insecurity has disappeared. Our Metropolitan Municipality and we are trying to provide the best service to the people of Trabzon. We aim to make the right decision for the people of Trabzon and the shopkeepers. ” The members of the board of directors stated that they had hesitations at the beginning of the process and stated that the question marks in their minds were removed as a result of the meetings with the Metropolitan Municipality. The members of the board of directors expressed their belief that the right decision would be taken for both Trabzon and themselves, and thanked the President Zorluoğlu for evaluating all their demands.


Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu stated that he took care to come together with the driver tradesmen and said: orum I thank you for your invitation. We have been working on what we can do about the transportation problem from the day we took office. First of all, in a traffic commission decision taken in 2002, there was a provision regarding the conversion of minibuses into taxis. After a while it was requested to enforce this provision, but this demand was not concluded. A decision was made at this last UKOME meeting. With this decision, 37 dolmuş, 74 taxi was turned into. This was the first step and it was also important in terms of showing that it is a municipality that fulfills our promise made by our municipality ”.


Mayor Zorluoğlu stated that they are in an intensive study on the modernization of the minibus. We held meetings together and conducted this process in a very high level in terms of consultation. It's time to make a decision. Our people, the owners of the vehicles, the drivers obviously want a beneficial result for all Trabzon. It's a difficult process, everyone wants to act in their own best interest, which is very normal. On the one hand it is clear that it will not continue this way anymore. In line with the decision to be made, we want to realize the modernization of the minibus as soon as possible ”.

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