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sah logistics
sah logistics

In our country, road and sea transportation activities have improved considerably with the increase in exports and imports, and in this sense, our country has become an important center of attraction for both manufacturers and transportation companies. Web-based shopping system, which is one of the indispensable requirements of the modern era, is used in many fields and is very useful in transportation sector.

Although there are many web portals that are established in order to get the shortest result for the supply of freight and transportation vehicles between the manufacturers, exporters and carrier companies, Shipping Guide is one of the prominent web design wonders among these pages. The Shipping Guide, which has many different features than similar pages, is particularly fast due to its fast functioning and, more importantly, its free membership and the ability to publish unlimited advertisements. shipping companies and the most frequently used advertisement page of the manufacturers.

Transportation Guide which contains many different area search sections such as domestic truck and truck transportation and international truck and container transportation.  freight offers With its convenient interface and easily structured structure, which is designed to be accessible with a click of the empty vehicle advertisements, it gives definite result-oriented results in domestic and international transportation studies. All the details of the load groups that are requested to be transported can be marked in sections and the vehicle properties can be determined and our web page can be easily accessed at any time of the day via computers, tablets and mobile phones, leaving the competitor pages behind.

The Shipping Guide, which corporate logistic companies, joint-stock companies and limited companies and even the holding companies have entered with the ease of publication, is constantly updated by our designers in order to provide seamless, unlimited service to all members and customers. Freight and vehicle exchange is the name we give to our web pages that can only be easily accessible from all parts of the world, not from Turkey with a strong infrastructure has been presented to the preferences of many domestic and foreign shipping and trading company.

News: Mehmet Ali BAL
Source of news: Mersin Movers

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