Trabzon Port Contributes to the Economy and Tourism of the City

port of trabzon contributes to the city's economy and tourism
port of trabzon contributes to the city's economy and tourism

Trabzon Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu made a series of visits to Trabzon Port officials. President Zorluoğlu first met with Trabzon Port Operations President Temel Adıgüzel.

Adıgüzel expressed his satisfaction with the visit, informed the President Zorluoğlu about the work done. Stating that he had attended a meeting in Tatvan a month ago, Adıgüzel said, “There were also representatives from Van in the meeting. They couldn't finish you and your work. As we listened to them, we were proud of our city. ” Mayor Zorluoğlu stated that Trabzon Port has a very important place in the region.

Port President Temel Adıgüzel presented an amateur seaman's certificate to the Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu in memory of the visit.


Murat Zorluoğlu, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, then visited Muzaffer Ermiş, the Port Operations Manager. Ermiş made a detailed presentation to President Zorluoğlu about the activities of Trabzon Port. Stating that they are working to contribute to both the economy and tourism of the city, Ermiş said, birlikte Together with our 170 employee, we provide 17 million TL cash flow to Trabzon annually. We welcome the cruise ships that come to our city at the tourism point with a ceremony. Although there is a decrease in the number of cruise ships coming to Istanbul due to the ongoing work in Galataport, we believe that the activities will continue after the completion of the project. When Galataport is opened at 2021-2022, our activities will increase ”.


Emphasizing that Trabzon Port is a very important center of the city, Zorluoğlu said, ız At this point, we are ready to contribute to the solution of the problems that may occur from increasing capacity to better operation and functioning at more shipping points. We attach importance to cruise tourism and we think it should be. We have to work together on this. We must satisfy our guests and ensure that they advertise when they leave. 2021-2022 is not a distant future. We have to lean into this area as a city and catch the 20 numbers of the past at the point of the arrival of the ships. ”


Mayor Zorluoğlu also stated that the Sumela Monastery will be fully opened in May 2020. “The monastery is on UNESCO's temporary heritage list. It is important to enter the list of permanent heritage and this can only be done with the joint work of the city. I also spoke to the Minister of Culture and Tourism and told him that we would like to do a study to enter the list of permanent heritage. It was a situation that should be considered until today. If we succeed, we will have done a great job. I

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