İSBİKE Renewed Mobile Application

İSBİKE Renewed Mobile Application
İSBİKE Renewed Mobile Application

İSBİKE Mobile Application Renewed: İSPARK, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, renewed the mobile application of İSBİKE, its ever-developing project. It is now easier to rent bicycles in Istanbul with mobile technology. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's (IMM) cycling routes throughout the city have developed the ISBIKE brand and the use of smart bicycles. With the project, which provides citizens the opportunity to play sports, an alternative transportation network was established throughout the city.

İSPARK, a subsidiary of İBB, renewed İSBİKE mobile application for bicycle lovers. Citizens, renewed face and easy to use the application can be downloaded from mobile stores "smart bike" will be able to rent.

Find easily with navigation

Istanbul residents or tourists can see the closest smart bicycle stations with the navigation feature in the ISBIKE mobile application they downloaded to their smart phones. They are able to track how many kilometers they have traveled with their smart bikes they have rented in a short time, their usage rates and especially their health activities.

İSPARK General Manager Murat Çakır stated that they will continue to spread the smart bicycle project on bicycle paths, in city parks and suitable places in terms of terrain and said: They will be able to reach smart bikes more easily. We will increase the number of bicycles in a short time ”.

Download the mobile app, tour Istanbul

İSBİKE's mobile application has been renewed with different usage options and can be downloaded free of charge from mobile stores. Citizens who can rent their bikes with İSBİKE mobile application from the gathered 144 stations located on the Anatolian and European sides of İSPARK; From Florya to Yeşilköy, from Karaköy to Sarıyer, from Bostancı to Kartal by bicycle.

In addition, on the Zeytinburnu district route, Esenler and Ümraniye folks can rent smart bicycles in the nation garden and pedal to a healthy life.

İSBİKE Mobile Application Bicycle Map
İSBİKE Mobile Application Bicycle Map




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