Samsun Bird Paradise Closed to Vehicle Traffic

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, Kızılırmak Delta Yörüklar gendarmerie checkpoint between the center of the visitors to the east of the vehicle reported that the area was closed to traffic.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality's statement on the subject as follows:

Tır As announced by the Governorship of Samsun on the website of 16.07.2018, the area between Kızılırmak Delta Yörüklar Gendarmerie Control Point and Doğanca Visitor Center was closed to the vehicle traffic.

As it is known, Xirini Delta 13 was taken to UNESCO World Natural Heritage Temporary list in April 2016. After this date, with the cooperation of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, SAMKUŞ and Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, necessary preparations have been completed for Kızılırmak Delta to be the first and only UNESCO natural heritage area of ​​our country and as of February 01 the application file has been submitted to UNESCO World Heritage Center. While there are many studies carried out on the Delta in preparation for the UNESCO process, there are efforts to restore the natural life cycle of Deltan. For this purpose, illegal secondary houses in the area were destroyed and caravans were removed.

In this process, it was decided to close the area between Yörüklar Gendarmerie Control Point and Doğanca Visitor Center with the decision of Local Wetland Commission on 04 October 2017. In the related decision, it was decided to ensure the entrance of the other animal owners, especially the water owners, to the area in line with the need, and to ensure that the visitors to enter the area by bicycle, cordless vehicles and buses to be provided by SAMKUŞ and Samsun Metropolitan Municipality.

According to the decision of the region to be closed to the vehicle traffic all day, in the area of ​​the officials and if necessary outside the entrance of the animal owners to prevent entry, only pedestrians, bicycles, electric bikes and buses to be allocated by the Metropolitan Municipality of Samsun was deemed appropriate to provide mobility. After the preparations, two open-top buses were allocated to serve in the area. Buses will be promoted and informations will be made in the bus programs below will provide free service to all our people within the framework of the program below.

The mentioned applications have started as of 16 July 2018 Monday.

It will be publicly honored.

Bus Movement Locations and Hours

Buses will move from Yörükler Visitor Center and Doğanca Visitor Center to the following times.

Weekday 10: 00 and 15: 00

Weekend time 9: 00, 11: 00, 14: 00 and 16: 00

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