Turkish Company Makes Best Offer in Malolos Clark Railway Construction Business in Philippines

Philippines Malolos Clark Railway Project
Philippines Malolos Clark Railway Project

A Turkish company Malolos Clark Railway Project CP S-01 Section in the Philippines was the lowest bid in the tender. Malolos Clark Railway tender about 160 million USD with the lowest bid. In the tender where the total 2 bid was issued, the other bid came from TAISEI + DMCI partnership.

Malolos Clark Railway Project Details

The MCRP will be built as two railway tracks, including an 51,2 km section connecting Malolos City to the Clark regional growth center and an 1,9 km expansion connecting NSCR to Blumentritt Station in Manila. The project will include the construction of a subway station that will provide short links to the CIA. It will also include bridges and viaducts for the raised part of the railway line.

The MCRP will have a total of seven upgraded stations with two separate platforms of 60 m right (ROW) width.

Map of Malolos Clark Railway Project
Map of Malolos Clark Railway Project

The stations will have elevators and escalators for easy passenger movement and automatic toll control systems, including ticket vending machines, gates, toll machines, data collection machines and office reservation machines. On the new line, electric multi-unit (EMU) trains will operate in three categories: commuter train, express commuter train and limited express train at the airport. Trains run at a maximum speed of 160km / h.

The new railway line is expected to make an estimated daily trip of about 2022 people by 81.000.

Malolos Tutuban Railway Project Introduction Film

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