Başkentray Commuter Train Usage Survey Started

baskentray commuter train usage survey started
baskentray commuter train usage survey started

Başkentray Commuter Train Usage Questionnaire Started: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality conducted a survey on the low daily number of Başkentray serving between Sincan Kayaş. In the Municipality, Sincan, Etimesgut and Mamak, "Why not use Başkentray?" asked the question.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which is in search of a solution for transportation, which takes the first place in complaints about municipal services in Ankara, has also closely followed Başkentray, which serves between Sincan and Kayaş. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has determined that the number of daily passengers of Başkentray, which citizens can use with Ankarakart, is very low. The municipality, which took action to determine why the number of boarding is low, decided to conduct a survey for Başkentray. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality asked the citizens, "Why don't you use Başkentray?" she asked.

To participate in the survey CLICK HERE

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