Antakya Organized Industrial Zone Awaits Improvement of Relations with the Middle East

antakya osb awaits improved relations with the middle east
antakya osb awaits improved relations with the middle east

The 24th stop of the Common Mind Meetings was Antakya Organized Industrial Zone. Antakya Organized Industrial Zone, which provides important contributions to the development of the country and the region by providing its energy from renewable energy with its production quality, export and environmental sensitivity, is an ideal intersection that will provide both raw material and product flow especially for export investments.

The 24th stop of the “Common Mind Meetings” held by Turkishtime and Halkbank in organized industrial zones was Antakya Organized Industrial Zone. Professor Dr. The meeting, moderated by Ercan Gegez, focused on the potential of Antakya OIZ in production and export, to reach its days before the Middle East crisis and to become an attractive center for investors.

Antakya OIZ Joint Mind Meeting; Antakya OSB Chairman of the Board / Akdeniz Entegre Gıda A.Ş. Chairman of the Board of Directors Tahsin Kabaali, Halkbank SME Marketing Vice President Özer Torgal, Turkishtime Meeting Moderator / Altınbaş University Dean of Faculty of Business Administration Ercan Gegez, Hatfil Tekstil İşletmeleri A.Ş. General Manager Şafak Murat Sözer, Güventaş Food Agriculture Industry and Trade Inc. Chairman of the Board of Directors Nail Güven, Özbuğday Tarım İşletmeleri ve Tohumculuk A.Ş. Chairman of the Board Aykut Özbuğday, Kahraman Yağ ve Gıda San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. General Manager Ayhan Kahraman, Sardes Otomotiv San. Inc. Chairman of the Board of Directors Bilgehan Hakan, Doğan Dorse Ltd. Şti. Sti. Founding Partner Doğan Samsum, Anka Spray Dryer Processes Machinery Inc. Enis Nuraydın, Chairman of the Board, Alfebor Boru San. Tic. Inc. Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors / Lawyer Erol Elçi, Pres Makina Sanayi ve Tic. Inc. Chairman of the Board Lütfullah Bakır, Intense Machinery Döküm San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. Chairman of the Board of Directors, Yılmaz Int. Sti. General Manager Yusuf Akemoğlu, Halkbank Gaziantep Regional Coordinator Aziz Arslan and Turkishtime Chairman Filiz Özkan.

As of December 2001, 2019 plants are in production, 74 plants are under construction and 16 plants are in the project phase. The total area of ​​10 hectares in the Antioch OIZ, 203 hectares of industrialists in the region, while serving the industrialists operating in the region of 129 thousand 2 people are employed. In the region where predominantly agricultural food, machinery and metal sectors are located; seed production, yarn dyeing, steel pipe manufacturing, oil enterprises, machinery factories, food, paint manufacturing, metal industry, textile, soap manufacturing, feed industry and automotive industry.

Target is $ 1 billion in exports

Antakya OIZ is located 12 kilometers from Hatay Airport, 48 kilometers from Cilvegözü border gate, 35 kilometers from İskenderun Port, 54 kilometers from İskenderun Iron and Steel Factory, and 70 kilometers from Yumurtalık Free Zone. In 2018, the region's total electricity consumption was 46,5 million Kilowatt / hour (kWh) and natural gas consumption was 2,85 million Standard cubic meters (Sm3). The amount of electricity consumption increased by 5 percent on average in the last 15 years and decreased by 2018 percent in 5,25, while the decrease in consumption in the first 2019 months of 10 was 5 percent.

Antakya OIZ, which aims to reach 2023 thousand people in 300 facilities in 30, plans to become a region that exports $ 1 billion within the framework of this vision. In reaching this goal, regional industrialists agree that relations with close neighbors need to be improved; Syria affected by problems with, especially the Middle East Antioch and Turkey in which the economic situation due to losing the investment climate Antakya OSB paying serious consideration for many investors before the process while a region that want to get involved, the point reached today in that experience significant problems with investors voices. In this sense, it is expected that the relations with the neighbors, especially Syria, will be stabilized and improved in order for Antakya OIZ to become one of the locomotive industry centers.

OSB Antioch, one of the regions least affected by the crisis in Turkey in normal conditions, when it comes to the Middle East, took the heaviest wounds of the crisis experienced by this region. If there were no problems in the Middle East, Antakya OIZ could become one of the locomotive industry centers and still has the potential to come. It is for this reason that the issues in the Middle East should be resolved as soon as possible.

In the meeting, the following 10 parameters were agreed with the participation of the industrialists of the region in order to enable Antakya OIZ to become a strong player in the rapidly changing global competition conditions and to realize its potential.

1-Labor Law Reform

The system that is currently in labor law works for the employee. In the process that started after layoffs or resignations, the fact that the labor law works against the employer puts industrialists in serious trouble. He points out that if the industrial labor law is not reformed, they will start thinking about how we can get some more workers, not investment. Because the new investment for the employer means new employment. New employment also means the emergence of new problems. In this sense, the 'Labor Law Reform', which is pending on the government's desk, is expected to be put on the agenda without losing any more time.

2- State contribution to the industrial parcel production of the region

farmland over the last 20 years in Turkey decreased 18 percent. The way to prevent this situation is to turn the organized industrial zones into suitable parcels with infrastructure ready for industry. In Antakya OIZ, which has a lot of expansion areas, serious resources are needed to turn these expansion areas into facilities.

3- Establishment of technical vocational high school in Antakya OIZ

It is expected to take action to establish a technical vocational high school within the body of Antakya OIZ on behalf of university-industry cooperation and to solve the problem of qualified personnel. It is pointed out that this vocational high school should be established within the university infrastructure and the university-industry cooperation should be developed in this way.

4- The introduction of the rail system

One of the most important parameters that will carry Antakya OIZ to the future is logistics. As in the surrounding provinces, it is a serious cost for the industrialist to transport by road in Antakya. It is pointed out that the establishment of a rail system that will connect the provinces of Antakya, Kahramanmaraş and Gaziantep to the ports will significantly reduce the costs.

5- Revision of R & D criteria

In order to be granted R & D center status by the Ministry of Industry and Technology and to benefit from the R & D incentives given, there are 15 employees in an R & D center. At this point, industrialists in Antakya OIZ want to evaluate the R & D activities of SMEs within the scope of another incentive and to design R & D incentives for SMEs as more applicable.

6- Release of imports of raw materials that can contribute positively to exports

It is believed that releasing the import of raw materials that will contribute positively to exports and facilitating closure of Inward Processing Documents is important for increasing exports.

7- Improving relations with neighbors

Antakya OIZ's primary problem is; Antioch of Syria, mainly affected by the problems in the Middle East and in Turkey where the investment climate is being lost due to the economic situation. Antakya OIZ, where many investors wanted to take part by paying very serious costs before the start of the events in Syria that the investment climate did not disappear in 2011, is experiencing serious problems regarding the investors at the point reached today. In this sense, it is expected that the relations with the neighbors, especially Syria, will be stabilized and improved in order for Antakya OIZ to become one of the locomotive industry centers.

8-The need for legislative changes in parcel distribution

In Antakya OIZ, there are parcels that are very large in volume, some of them are used and some of them are not used. While different investors coming from outside do not want to enter the parcels in this way, it is underlined that in case of a change in legislation on this issue, in other words, if two different investors can invest in the same place, the investors can easily withdraw to this region.

9- Expectation of sector-based planning in incentives

Industrialists, who think that the government should put forward the attitude of the government in the incentives given, need sectoral incentives at this point. On the other hand, the incentives are intended to support value-added production.

10- Establishing a platform for sharing information among industrialists

At this point, industrialists state that there is a lack of information sharing among themselves, both public institutions and universities. In this sense, the industrialists in Antakya OIZ think that creating more open platforms that offer solution suggestions will be extremely beneficial.

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