Ayder Teleferik Project is on the Agenda

ayder ropeway project again in gundem
ayder ropeway project again in gundem

Speaking about the Ayder Teleferic Project, which was tendered during the period of Rize Governor Erdoğan Bektaş but later canceled, AK Party Rize Provincial Chairman İshak Alim said: Reconstruction of a construction site in the long-term may cause difficulties in Ayder. ”

Mayor Alim stated that the President was very interested in the transformation in Ayder and asked about the latest situation in Ayder at every opportunity. A car park project that is environmentally friendly, will not harm the image and will be greened. Afterwards, urban transformation hotels and similar works will continue in Ayder. ”

Stating that they are planning to re-launch the ropeway project, which was shelved with the transformation in Ayder, Mayor Alim said, “We are thinking of carrying out the ropeway project together with the urban transformation in Ayder. Because after the completion of the urban transformation, creating a construction site again may cause problems in Ayder in the long run. Therefore, along with urban transformation, a cable car project is also on our agenda.” he said. (Filiz Yıldırım Günebakis)

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