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button was pressed for etimesgut station street
button was pressed for etimesgut station street

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş, Etimesgut Istasyon Street traffic project to hit the traffic density is going to hit.

The tender date for the alternative boulevard and new underpasses that President Yavaş frequently brought up at the Metropolitan Municipal Assembly Meeting and promised “we will do it despite all the impossibilities i became clear.

Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs, Mayor's instructions on Wednesday, December 25 at 14.00 on the street will be held on the Street for the tender for two underpasses.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş is among the urgent projects for the construction of 3 underpasses on Istasyon Street, especially for the construction of an alternative boulevard to Etimesgut Turkish Red Crescent and Istasyon Street, and 3 railway crossing bridges and 4 underpass. button pressed.

Within the scope of the study carried out by the Department of Science Affairs, alternative plans were prepared to solve the traffic problem of the Turkish Red Crescent and Istasyon Street which are the continuation of the newly opened Ankara Boulevard. With the project, the traffic problem on the 4-kilometer road Hikmet Özer Street Junction, 1632. Street Junction and Atilla Eşer Street Junction 3 separate underpass was decided to be made.

In order to reduce traffic congestion, in the first stage, it was planned to manufacture a 3-way and 3-way underpass in front of the Air Hospital (Şehit Sait Ertürk Hospital) and to build a subway in the direction of the city center in front of the Turkish Red Crescent (2304 Street Entrance). The road is also aimed at expanding.


After the tender process is planned to be completed within 5 months, 2 underpass work outside the Turgut Özal Bridge after Ankara Boulevard in the direction of the road, 3 rounds, 3 rounds will be a total of 6 lanes.

The road located in the inner parts of Etimesgut before the Turgut Özal Bridge will continue in the form of 2 rounds and 2 rounds due to the zoning plan.


The alternative route, which is designed as a 3-lane one-way in the direction of the city center since the Ankara Peripheral Motorway connection, was planned as follows:

“One-way application will be converted to two-way traffic after crossing the Etiler Street Interchange junction. The traffic from the city center will be connected to the north of the TCDD lines via a bridge from the parking area without being given to Istasyon Caddesi. Traffic from the direction of the city center, 3. One-way local traffic distribution to the south of Istasyon Street will be given to the street. With this one-way application, Hikmet Özer Street will be provided to serve as one-way. Along the newly established route, the 2304th Street connection will be made to allow the connection of the neighborhood via bridge crossings over the TCDD lines. This new route will be connected to the current route and existing ring road entrances via a bridge over the TCDD lines after crossing the TCDD Emirler Station and Peripheral Highway. With this alternative, Istasyon Caddesi will operate as one direction in the direction of the city center and the signalized intersections at 1632 different points will be eliminated and the traffic flow will be provided without interruption. Likewise, with the new route to be opened, Elvankent direction will work in one direction and uninterrupted traffic flow will be provided in this direction. ”

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